RichCopy software also works over the windows failover clustering. A lot of customers do load Richcopy in order to copy the data from or to other windows failover cluster. Now, this does not lead to saying that it is being run as a resource in clustered mode but it can definitely be loaded on top of a window failover cluster without any problems. Even the development team tests out for this scenario.

The standard and enterprise versions of the Richcopy software can be installed both on a windows server and the workstation operating systems without any problems. The instances detect the operating system once they are installed on a windows server operating system and then they optimize themselves to work on the server operating system. They do the same thing when they are installed on a Microsoft Windows workstation operating system. The cost of the Richcopy software license stays the same, whether the operating system is or is not a server.

Compared to Microsoft richcopy can handle as much data as 9TB with 900,000 files and folders? Well, you do not need to sweat, it most certainly can. They already have customers who are into copying more than 50 million files and folders with a little more 1PB (which is equivalent to 1000TB) without any hiccups. Richcopy Enterprise and Standard are all real enterprise-grade software. They are able to take all that you throw at them.

You can even have your windows servers deployed in the Amazon Cloud (AWS) and you can still copy the data back to your data center every night for a backup. You do not even need a VPN connection for that. Richcopy actually offers a TCP copy that is an option to help you copy the data across a single TCP port. This type of transmission can easily be encrypted with a clicking a single checkbox when you are on the job configuration screen. The offered encryptions are AES128 and AES 256 which are really amongst the best ones in the market. And yes, they already have customers who are already copying data from the Amazon Cloud to their data centers and also the other way around. They even have customers that are copying to Rackspace and Microsoft Azure clouds as well. As long as both the machines are running windows, they can be copied irrespective of whether they are on a cloud (in this case it is virtual) or are physical. All this can be easily accomplished.

The installation of Richcopy dot not need a machine restart. It, however, does need the presence of .net framework 4.0 on the machine though. This should not be a big problem as the .net framework comes pre-installed on later versions of MS Windows.

Do not get fooled by the low price tag of the Richcopy software. It really is a robust, enterprise-grade hardened software which does live up to all its expectations and promises.

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