A business is all about managing the clients and being smart enough to drive sales towards your company/startup. All is done with a simple rule i.e. giving more benefits to the customers, faking it as much as possible to make it look client-friendly, ensure lowest rates and best quality to customers, be it that way. Your business accounts must not be a mess; at the end of the day, all it is about money and growth and managing your assets or using them the right way. Billdu Invoice software is a beginner’s best bet, a great upgrade for established businesses, try it and make your life easier. Speaking of the all-messy and unattractive invoice templates, the Billdu Template for invoice would be a tool to love; chosen by 80,000+ businesses around the world and growing, you are the lucky one hearing of it while its’ still being sold for a much lesser price than it is actually worth of.

What makes it special? Well, it is easy to use, anyone can create an attractive and professional template for an invoice with Billdu billing and invoice software. There is a mobile app to make your life easier, multiple users can login to see and modify the templates with limited access as per directed by the admin. The templates are available in multiple colors to distinguish transaction types and clients, there’s a dedicated space on upper left, right or center for a standard company logo, plus your signature. It will add a trust factor for clients, make it attractive and professional. For payments, there’s an option to add a credit/debit card or PayPal Pay button to all your invoices right on your template editor. Your clients can pay with one click; you will be notified when they will read the invoice. There’s an additional review and notes section to communicate and easily rate the vendor services by clients. Whenever the customer will open the invoice, you will be notified.

Invoice Template Styles

There are five styles to choose from while creating an invoice on Billdu Software. If you are looking for a simpler, easy to read template for invoice, go for the classic template. It has an address section, a company logo (on the upper left corner), and a signature section along with mandatory billing columns. Serif design is made for short orders and invoices; it has a simpler interface with the company logo on front (middle of the page), and signature section ending the template. The additional details are given at the bottom. Modern template is the sleekest of all the above designs; along with the Bold texts and grey sub-headings and beautifully aligned address bar and issuance or due date columns on the headings pillar; the three-column Modern template would be recommended for digital businesses. The description columns have white and light grey backgrounds with black Calibri fonts. You can choose from the price tag options, be it dollars, euro, or INR from the settings. Simple Template comprises a modest template with white background ending with a signature.

Also, there are options to change the color scheme of the template, visibility is great in Billdu Invoice templates, along with the amenity to add or edit your seller invoice any time through Billdu mobile app hands on. All the data is saved whatsoever, there’s no need to worry if your app or PC software is uninstalled or deleted; all the data is backed up at Billdu database and can be recovered easily. Before buying the paid version, go to the official Billdu website and create a free invoice to see if the Billdu Template for Invoice is worth it.