YouTube is the biggest hub of online videos. You will come across millions of videos on YouTube each of which belongs to a different category. In short, YouTube has something in store for everyone. Starting from music videos to film trailers, you get everything on YouTube. But the only problem with YouTube is that you cannot download any video from the site. That is because of their policy. But there are certain third-party resources with the help of which you can actually download videos from YouTube. These are called YouTube downloading programs. Most of these are online sites where all you have to do is put the URL of the video to get your video downloaded. There are several such sites available out there but for quality video downloads you can use the site. This is a free YouTube video downloader and also one of the best.

What can you download from YouTube?

Now let us check out the types of videos that you can download from YouTube with the help of an online YouTube video downloader.

  1. Motivational Videos: There are a number of great motivational videos available on YouTube. These videos can help you in your life.
  2. Gaming Videos: For all the gamers out there, they can download the gaming tutorials out there in order to learn it without wasting their data. Repeat as many times you want and learn the tricks with the help of these gaming tutorials.
  3. Educational Videos: You also educational videos on YouTube which can be downloaded by the students to help their academic life.
  4. Music Videos: You can also download your favorite song along with the video and enjoy watching it whenever you want and from wherever you want.
  5. Episodes: You can also download the episode of your favorite show that you have missed provided that it is there on YouTube.

Other than these there are other types of videos as well such as film trailers, funny videos, weird videos etc. depending on your choice and liking you can download any type of video you want with the help of an online YouTube video downloader. It is completely free to use and you can download as many videos you want.

So these are the types of videos that you can download from YouTube for your entertainment and use purpose.