As a student, it is really a tough decision which calculator you should buy and it is one of the valuable things you can have as a student. The calculators should not be just helping you in your classroom but also these should be handy at the time of exams. Whenever you want to solve any complex equations, you can easily handle all the complicated functions of the calculators.

Whenever you choose the calculators there are some of the important factors which you must pay heed on. It should be really convenient for you to use it during the exams and solve complex equations.

Design –

You always first see that the design is really attractive and it should be lightweight too. Thing calculators are really handy and you can easily take it to your classes. The best thing you can have is that some calculators have the rechargeable battery which means you need not replace them with the alkaline batteries. Such calculators give you the battery life of up to two weeks even when you use it regular. This will give an idea about when to recharge before you sit for the exams.

Navigation –

With the navigation, you can really easily use the calculators. The calculators have the intuitive drop menu which quickly guides you all for its functions. It also provides you a memory to store the data and you can easily program it. The formulas can also be added to your want. The buttons are also arranged properly and you can use the advanced graphics calculator in your exam which makes it easy for you to use the calculator.

Advanced functions –

The calculators also come with a lot of advanced functions. You can check for the best calculators and choose the one which is best for you. The features like finding derivatives, vector calculations, notation templates, complex number functions, hyperbolic functions, prime number factorization and much more.

When buying the calculator you can look for the advanced features in the calculator. The calculator should be such which is handy and easy to carry to your exam hall.

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