Tips for Choosing a Shredding Company

Finding the best shredding company is challenging, especially if you do not know where to start. At the same time, you can find a wide array of options available on the market, meaning you will feel overwhelmed after a while. 

It does not matter whether you are new to a concept or wish to be as thorough as possible because choosing the right company for the job is not as simple as it seems. If you want to protect your business from identity theft and data breaches, meaning losing thousands of dollars, you should find a reliable company that will provide you peace of mind.

The best way to understand everything before outsourcing a business is by entering here for additional info. 

According to statistics, data breaches can cost you approximately fifty thousand dollars annually or more, so you should find a reliable way to destroy relevant documents and paperwork. 

Therefore, when searching for the best third-party company, it is crucial to understand that it is like hiring a new employee: you should ask a few questions beforehand. It is a similar process, meaning you should know the questions to ask. 

The first thing you should do is conduct research that will offer you different candidates, depending on your preferences. Check out their online reviews, several years in business, repeat customers, and many more. 

It is vital to determine whether they are trustworthy, mainly because they will handle sensitive info. Ask them a few questions before making up your mind. 

Ask Them About Shredding Laws

It is vital to remember that shredding confidential documents is not just for your protection, but it is a regulation you must follow unless you wish to get hefty penalties. Therefore, state and federal laws dictate how you must shred sensitive info to protect your clients, business, and yourself. 

Therefore, you should understand each paragraph, meaning a company you choose to do it for should know everything. They need to know about the latest changes within your state and industry. Check out whether they have NAID certification, meaning they met standards for secure destruction.

Environment and Recycling Policies

Recycling is essential because doing it for one ton of paper will save plenty of trees, water, and oil throughout the process. Therefore, a document destruction company should care about the environment the same way. 

According to statistics, fifty percent of all business waste is paper, while it is /fourth of entire landfill waste. That is why professional shredding companies must ensure that the paper goes into recycling after finishing the job. They may also use e-waste to handle hard drives, which is an essential factor to remember.

That way, you can become a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly business, which will help the world around you. Watch this video: to learn the procedure you should follow. 

Lockable Security Bins

Although it may seem irrelevant, you should know that a business is a full-time operation, meaning finding ways to protect yourself is essential. Therefore, you should store confidential information in a lockable security bin before shredding appointments. 

Numerous companies will offer you bins for their services, meaning you can protect the information before the next appointment. 

Certificate of Destruction

Imagine a situation where your business reaches a data breach, and you wish to ensure overall protection. That is why you should get a certificate of destruction, which is a document that will provide you a proof that you have complied with both state and federal shredding laws. 

Using office shredders is not effective and safe, meaning it cannot help you in case of a data breach. You should find a company with secure storage and document destruction services with the highest requirements possible to meet brand standards, government agencies, and other industries. 

Final Word

Taking advantage of document shredding is essential because you must do it properly, which is not something you will get by buying an office shredder. 

You should think about each step along the way, meaning you should find and outsource a third-party company to help you out with the process.

Still, the entire selection is not as simple as it seems, so you should consider the questions and factors mentioned above to ensure the best course of action. It is as simple as that.