QuickServ is in partnership for the selling of Dell services in Thailand, so if you are looking for a server, you might want to speak with someone at QuickServ. This is especially if you are looking for one of the servers by Dell. One of the best servers that Dell produces is the Dell PowerEdge R740.

What you get

This server maximizes application performance with the optimal mix of accelerator cards, computer power as well as storage, in this 2U, 2-socket platform optimized by VDI. QuickServ will troubleshoot as well as manage issues with your Dell product. Identify your system in order to see all contact options that are available and provided by QuickServ such as requests for services, chat as well as phone.

QuickServ partnership

Because QuickServ is a partner with Dell, they can help you if you live in Thailand and are looking for a server. They will also be able to offer you full service after the sale and help you with any problems that fall under your warranty. Their techs have been trained by Dell and because of their partnership with Dell when buying from them it is the same as if you bought your server straight from Dell.

Because of partnership

Since you do have a service provider in Thailand and this part of Asia you will find all contact options if you travel with any of your Dell products outside your home country. So, they can diagnose as well as resolve problems or arrange for the next business day on-site service over the phone to QuickServ when traveling in this area of the world

Server offers

This server has the MS active directory installation service. This Active Directory is a tool that comes with Windows servers. Every version is centralized resource allocation. Because of organizations such as QuickServ, they manage the usage right of users, as well as assist in the security of internal data.

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