It is a common scenario where no of gadgets outnumber the no of wall sockets we have. There is no easy way to increase these sockets unless you uproot the wall and replace with fresh ones. If you want to take the shot route and save a couple of bucks, you have to go with power plugs. Power plugs are available for several purposes. All are designed and manufactured for specific applications. All devices have different electricity consumption needs.

  • For example, any application which requires heating consumes the highest amount of current, in the order of 3-5 ampere (base unit of electric current). There is a simple theory, that higher the amount of current flows through a wire the greater the chance of damage to the wire if have no proper thickness. So it is very important that we use the appropriate power plug with our applications to avoid any danger associated with electricity.
  • We must check the device electric consumption specification i.e. ampere, voltage, require earth wire or not and compare it with the power plug which we are going to buy. We should also make sure that too many devices are not connected to power plugs as this will give a load to the power plug wire and cause melt due to the heat generated.

 There are some special power plugs with fuses which prevent this situation. There are specific plugs for pc called electric power socket [เต้ารับ ไฟฟ้า, which are the term in Thai]. These plugs are specially designed and manufactured to fill all kind of pc power requirements. They come with fuse and some extra features like live load meter and on and off switch. There are two types of power plug pc, with or without wire. Without the wire, plugs are mostly used by travelers as it occupies less space in their backpack, still serving the same purpose of a power plug. These power cords are not for heavy-duty applications. They are the best fit for mobile charging and other low load applications. The power plug with wire is used for heavy-duty applications like drillers, huge fans, etc. They have wide and good quality copper wiring which can handle the load easily.