VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.  A virtual private server is a virtualized server that is a copy of a dedicated server within a shared web hosting environment. It means VPS hosting is technically the combination of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

With VPS, the customers get a superuser-level access to the operating system. Due to this, the customers can install any software that runs on the operating system.

Basically, VPS hosting plans are divided into two categories: managed VPS and unmanaged VPS. In Managed VPS often you get a control panel and responsive technical support while in the unmanaged you aren’t provided with these features. So, it’s always better to go for managed VPS hosting.

Now, you will need to find the best Linux VPS and Windows VPS hosting provider to host your website. If you are looking for VPS hosting in India then you can check the two web hosting providers listed below. You can make your decision accordingly after reading the review.

MilesWeb vs Bluehost: A Battle Between Titans

In this article, we will be comparing two leading web hosts in the ring for seeing which ranks at the top.

So, let’s start.


Pricing is the first and foremost factor what a customer looks for. Cheap is always preferred but with good features.


MilesWeb’s managed Linux VPS plans start with V1 at Rs.860/mo that comprises of 1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 25 GB SSD disk space and 1 TB bandwidth. Their last plan is V14 at Rs.1,04,400/mo that comprises of 192 GB RAM, 32 vCPUs, 3,840 GB SSD disk space and 12 TB bandwidth.

For other plans check the below screenshot:

MilesWeb’s fully managed Windows VPS plans start with W1 at Rs.1200/mo that comprises of 512 MB RAM, 1 vCPU, 30 GB SSD disk space and 512 GB bandwidth.  Their last plan is W7 at Rs.30,000/mo that comprises of 32 GB RAM, 8 vCPUs, 640 GB SSD disk space and 3.5 TB bandwidth. For their other plans please check the screenshot below:


Bluehost Linux VPS hosting plans start with Standard at Rs.1,399/mo that comprises of 2 cores, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB HDD space in RAID and 1 TB bandwidth. Their last plan is Elite at Rs.6,449 that comprises of 4 cores, 8 GB RAM, 240 GB HDD space in RAID and 3 TB bandwidth.

Bluehost doesn’t offer Windows VPS hosting.

Conclusion: Though MilesWeb is offering VPS at high prices as compared to Bluehost, they have wide range of plans to select from. While Bluehost offers only 4 plans and that too only Linux VPS plans. Here the winner is MilesWeb.

Ease of Use

It is difficult to differentiate between the two based on ease of use. Both of them offer cPanel which has easy to use interface.


MilesWeb offers a typical cPanel interface with some minor changes. There are two search bars – one at the top right and other just above the ‘Files’ section. Both do the same work of searching but second one helps in quick searching of functions.

Customers can take the advantage of the Softaculous installer which helps in installing applications in just one-click.

You can manage your website fluidly at MilesWeb. The cPanel implementation caters you with plenty of options without affecting the ease of use in the original design.

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Bluehost’s cPanel is slightly different from MilesWeb. You will find the categories to the left-side menu, without a search bar for cPanel or the help center. Apart from this, since the tools are segregated within the menu, it makes managing your site easier than ever.

Conclusion: MilesWeb and Bluehost are shoulder to shoulder when it comes to your website management. Though their cPanel design varies, both excel in redesigns that have added new features to the interface, keeping it easy to use for all.

Speed and Uptime

Speed and uptime are the major factors that decide the traffic coming to your website. If your website doesn’t loads fast or isn’t available frequently, the traffic would be suddenly reduced.


SSD Drives: MilesWeb offers SSD drives with all its VPS plans. The SSD drives deliver high performance as they use flash memory. They give around 200{4df784c43bbd73ac7e20021a4775f528dea44aee084e253cde0d77ec4e2dcf5f} better performance as compared to the traditional HDD drives.

Datacenter Location: You also get a chance to select your own server location from Bangalore, New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Toronto.

Infrastructure and Technology: All their servers operate at Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters. This helps them to maintain the uptime of 99.95{4df784c43bbd73ac7e20021a4775f528dea44aee084e253cde0d77ec4e2dcf5f} letting your website live all the time. Their infrastructure is built in collaboration with leading players such as Supermicro, Cisco, Dell and HP.


SSD Drives: Bluehost VPS hosting plans don’t include SSD drives but their server infrastructure is powered by enterprise level SSD database storage.

Datacenter Location: Bluehost allows you to select your own server location from India and US.

Infrastructure and Technology: All their servers operate at Tier 3 certification. They offer superior uptime and redundancy capabilities. The Uptime guarantee is around 99.9{4df784c43bbd73ac7e20021a4775f528dea44aee084e253cde0d77ec4e2dcf5f}. Their infrastructure boasts quad-processor servers, uninterruptible power supply, diesel backup generator and mirrored storage backup.

Conclusion: You can see that MilesWeb offers SSD drives while Bluehost doesn’t though their infrastructure is powered by SSD. But the performance is surely going to get affected. Secondly, MilesWeb offers you wide range of datacenter location choices which means you can select the nearest server location to your target audience. With Bluehost, you have only two choices which make it difficult to select. The uptime offered by MilesWeb is high as compared to that offered by Bluehost.

Security and Support

Security has become the most crucial factor in web hosting. There continuous attacks and other cyber crimes done on the websites. So, it is essential to add more value on security and also, support from your web host.


Security: MilesWeb takes good care of their customers by offering free SSL certificates on all the sites hosted on their servers. Additionally, they also offer malware and virus detection and protection, installation of security patches and updates, spam protection, Kernel patch updates, CSF Firewall installation and configuration, Linux security and hardening, etc.

Support: MilesWeb support team shows their expertise in Linux and Windows administration, cPanel and Plesk control panels, virtualization technology and website migration without data loss. They offer support service 24/7 and are reachable via email, live chat and phone.


Security: You need to purchase SSL certificate for your website as they don’t offer free SSL. They also offer investigation of any hacking attempts and if there is anything, it will be reported. Apart from these, they offer core OS updates and patches, initial installation and basic firewall setup, etc.

Support: Bluehost support team is available via live chat, email and phone and you can contact them at anytime.

Final Verdict

After going through the four major pointers that matter in web hosting, you will find that MilesWeb offers more than what Bluehost does. So, MilesWeb is surely the winner. If you are still not satisfied with this direct comparison, you can check the reviews of both on the review sites and then take your decision.