Advancement in Technology –

  • The vivid advancement in digital technology cannot be denied. Every person is available online whether it be for any business or on social media or for any educational research.
  • In the last few years, a strategical growth in the online business can be spotted. But how do these large online business companies distinguish themselves from their competitors?
  • There must be a particular address for every web company. That’s why the introduction of the domain name is done to differentiate the vast number of online companies.

There is a depth in the definition or explanation of domain systems. Let us understand these terms first –

Internet addresses –

For a large number of websites present online, there is a particular address given to the host and the server which helps to distinguish between the various people online to make access to the internet easy. There are mainly two types of internet addresses:

  • IP Address –

IP address stands for internet protocol address which is a series of numbers with the host number, network number, and protocol. It mainly stores the location of people or the host using the internet, the location of the network which is providing the internet due to which a piece of information about the address of host and server can be spotted.

  • Domain Address –

Domain address is a simplified version of the Internet address. Not everybody can remember the extensive series of IP address to recall the internet address, that’s why domain addresses are used to provide an address to the host and network in the form of simple words. It consists of the company name with the domain type.

Various types of domain addresses –

There is a wide range of domain addresses according to the kind of companies or firms, according to countries. Some of the most common domain addresses are –

  • .com – It is a domain address for the website of all the commercial companies.
  • .org – It is a domain address for the site of all the organizations.
  • .edu – It is a domain address for the website of all the educational firms.
  • .in – This domain address represents that the website belongs to the country India.