Digital printing flexible packaging is bringing many new innovations in market and packaging industry. Obviously, companies are get tithe ng benefits of digital printing so as to deliver best quality printing and packaging services. Due to efficient turn around time, flexibility, attractiveness and increased life of product digital printing is nowadays considered more suitable option.

Best benefits of digital printing packaging –

Easy to customize –

Digital printing packaging is easy to customize as per your needs and requirements and in fact, this is the greatest benefit of this kind of packaging. Unlike, offset and flexographic printing, this printing process quickly print on flexible materials, it even makes various ways for many printed items which you want to design with handful of features including barcode, imagery and copy.

Environment friendly –

Flexible packaging such stand up coffee packaging bags and stand up pouches are more environment friendly and less harmful not only for environment, but also for human health. This is possible as it consumes less material and heat for producing in comparison to other packaging which results in less green house gases like BTU consumption and carbon emissions.

Flexibility of design –

If you want to remain competitive and ahead of your competitors then it is your duty that you should examine design of your product regularly. Design is vital because it helps in attracting target audience and offer much more benefits. Cost of printing label design with flexographic press is really hurting due to the cost of setup and plate charges. So, if you are having multiple products and label designs then costs will add up more quickly. But with digital printing you need not to worry about anything as there is no setup fee or plate charges which mean you can easilystart printing.

Reusable packaging –

Another great of flexible packaging is that it can be reused time and again. A feature like spouts, resalable seals and zip locks make use of such packaging more easy, efficient and convenient. With more and more increase of consumers looking for convenience, this printing packaging is something that manufacturers can plan to offer their consumers and even regain old consumers. This will also increase sales as rotogravure printing is new printing technique and will definitely attract many toward your products. Manufacturers can do many things with this kind of packaging and get clear and vivid logos.

Low cost of transportation –

Last but not the least benefit of digital printing flexible packaging is that its weight is much low in comparison to other types of packaging. And low weight means low space requirements which will automatically reduce the cost of transportation. Overall, this kind of packaging is space saving because of the flexibility it offers. For example, one truckload of flat pouches is equivalent to 15 to 25 truckloads of rigid pouches. This means saving transportation cost 10 times.

With so many things and types of packaging available in the market, choosing one can be much difficult. But, if you are looking for cost effective way then digital printing is best.