YouTube is a great platform for effective marketing. Learn how to perfect your YouTube marketing with these YouTube best practices.

Want to improve your YouTube results? As the internet’s second-largest search engine, YouTube is a powerful platform whose benefits greatly outweigh the downfalls. It’s a remarkable platform to educate, entertain, and engage with real people.

Speaking of engaging your audience, YouTube outperforms any other social media channel in terms of bounce rate. Your YouTube videos can boost your marketing efforts and flaunt your marketing expertise.

Assuming you already have YouTube for a business account, here are some YouTube best practices to make your marketing more effective.

Know Your Competitors

Each minute, hundreds of hours of videos are posted on YouTube. Users can literally find thousands of videos on any subject. How to survive in this fierce competition?

Competitive analysis is one of the most undervalued aspects of YouTube best practices. Look around at who else is in your market or niche, on YouTube, before you start to produce, and upload content.

Check out your competitors’ YouTube channels to get a sense of the content they are putting out. Examine the keywords they use on their video description and use similar ones to improve your rankings.

Remember the videos that got the most and least views to better understand the kind of content your audience likes to watch. This will help you decide your content strategy

Learn about Your Audience

A YouTube channel allows you to access the Analytics tab, which provides scores of stats associated with your channel. You’ll find details on your subscriber demographics, quantifiable insights about your YouTube channel and your audience’s behavior.

The Analytics tab also lets you access insights on visitors’ average watch time, view counts, interaction rate across videos, and revenues generated. Tracking audience analytics is one of YouTube’s best practices to ascertain you’re reaching the target audience.

Analyze the demographics and watch time analytics to find out the age of your viewers, their gender and location. If the stats indicate that you’re not reaching the target audience, you can adjust your content strategy.

Write Interesting Titles

YouTube-friendly titles can help promote your channel. Besides, YouTube marketing is to a greater extent about the presentation, and titles can enhance or hurt your video performance.

People are fond of entertaining content and would want to know what your YouTube video is about from just the heading. For this reason, you should create attention-grabbing titles without resorting to clickbait headlines.

An ideal YouTube video title needs to be anything between 41-70 characters. Question-based titles, listicles, hyperbole, “how-to” and “Best-of” titles are safe bets. The lesson here is that you should spend some time brainstorming a list of “must-see” titles instead of sticking to the first title that pops in your mind.

Engage with Your Audience

Like any social media channel, YouTube demands interaction with your audience. If you’re only posting videos without encouraging discussions and comments, you’re missing out on one of the critical YouTube best practices.

YouTube awards channels with terrific engagement, including watch time, comments, likes and dislikes. Try to respond to all comments and ask viewers to engage with visual or audio prompts.

SEO Your YouTube Channel

Simply realizing that SEO influences your rank on YouTube puts you at an advantage. Most YouTubers post videos and hope for the best. By using SEO tactics, you’ll most likely get more of your videos viewed by the right audience.

Numerous factors can help your channel or videos rank higher in searches. The most significant ones include

  • Tags
  • Description tags
  • Title tags
  • Length of video
  • Video reactions
  • Comments
  • Audience retention
  • The number of viewers who subscribe after watching

The content of your video also impacts ranking, making spoken keywords as significant as written ones. To get on your keyword selection, you can use free or paid tools. For free YouTube keyword research, key in your keyword into the YouTube search box and take note of the suggestions.

YouTube suggests keywords based on the frequency of searches. Alternatively, use Google’s Keyword Planner, adding the term “video” to your keyword phrase.

To do paid keyword research, use paid tools such as Moz Keyword Tool or Keyword Tool. If videos that are searched for are on Google’s first page for your keyword, then the keyword has potential. If not, you might want to consider a different keyword.

All your videos should have a primary keyword. The ideal primary keyword for a YouTube video is anywhere between 3-6 words.

Use Social Media

While some people run the show entirely from YouTube, leveraging a social media approach for all your videos is good practice. Making use of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to attract more viewers to your YouTube videos is a great way to advance your marketing.

Consider linking your Instagram bio to your YourTube videos, or upload video previews as Instagram posts. This is a win-win for both your channels as your videos can start discussions and help grow your following on the platforms.

Upload Quality Content Regularly

After creating several SEO-friendly videos, you’d want to put them in rotation. YouTube marketing is all about choosing a niche you’re confident in, and mass-produce quality content.

Unless you’re consistent, you won’t be able to build a loyal audience. Many YouTube subscribers treat their favorite channels like a TV station. You should share content regularly and be professional.

Ideally, you’d want to create intriguing content with cool features to keep people engaged. Learn video editing skills to stand out from the group, such as slow mos and transitions. You can go here to find out how to loop.

Apply These YouTube Best Practices

With over 2 billion worldwide, YouTube is a powerful machine that can put your brand on business on the map. It’s a serious marketing channel that provides your business with the opportunity to market content in a visually-engaging way.

By implementing the mentioned YouTube best practices, you can attract a ton of good traffic to your channel. For more tips and advice, visit our blog today.