There is a serious dearth of regular jobs. And the fact that not all people are made for 9 to 5 jobs is also true. Barring the administrative jobs where a set code of working is to be followed, the companies find it foolish to hire people who have fixed set of talent and become liable to them forever. Also, people with creative talent and zealous about trying newer things find it hard to stick to monotonous jobs. Thus, gig economy proves to be the source of relief for such talents. Here is a list of some work profiles that fit the gig economy.

1. Writers:

Copywriters, content writers and technical writers – whatever you call them, expecting them to deliver writings on the same topic for years is a big mistake. People who love online research and make great content love to work on short-term assignments. The facility to call it quits when they feel saturated make them fit for short-term assignments.

2. Web developers:

Website development and its promotion is a huge business these days. But, when the developers are just made to sit on a bench and wait for the project, certainly hampers their creativity. Web developers, instead, can move to online platforms to find the projects and work on their terms.

3. Social media and brand reputation managers:

Businesses need creative people to create content for them that can be useful for online marketing purposes. The need for promoting the brand is not prominent always. Some brands need heating period before announcing their arrival. Thus, choosing the talent only when it is needed – the way things work in gig economy – makes it easy for the start-ups to manage the cost of advertising and promotion. Also, it allows the social media manager to try hands on newer projects and cultivate newer experiences for themselves.

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