Top 8 Features of Customer Service Software

Gone are the days when people understood customer support software as ticketing software. In today’s world, state-of-the-art customer support software should include FAQs for the customers to find their own answers, and live voice and chat associates to respond to the customer queries immediately. There should be chatbots embedded in such software so the initial automated responses can be handled by the bot and only those issues where the customer requested for a human being to support him/her is transferred to them.

Top 8 features of customer service software

Automated ticketing system

Even before the call, chat or e-mail lands in the queue, if there is an automated ticketing system, then the customer needs not wait in the queue and your team can focus on providing exceptional customer service to each customer. This ticketing system can even manage reminders, triggering an SMS and e-mail to the customer, search for similar reported issues etc.

Ticket tagging –

The customer support software should be able to automatically tag the root cause of the issue once the ticket is closed. This way, when a similar issue emerges in the future, a quick examination the relevant tags will show how the problem was resolved in the past. Team members can benefit from each other’s’ tickets and how the solution was provided.

Unique ticket queues

One method to ensure that the associates respond to tickets in a timely fashion is by leveraging unique ticket queues for each associate. They need to be categorized based on their specialties and only calls, chats or e-mails with those kinds of issues will land in their queue.

Real-time reporting

A software solution with real-time reporting ensures how the team is performing, and if they are meeting the deadline for resolution. It also should be capable to capture the information of repeat calls and the common types of issues which the customers are facing so that a solution at a larger level can be developed. Customer satisfaction score should also be captured in this report.

Multi-channel support

Email, phone, portal, social media or chat; the customer can reach the company through any of these channels and the customer support software which your company is using should be able to handle all these mediums and consolidate all the information at one place.

For example, if the customer has sent an e-mail on day 1, and calls up the contact center on day 2, the associate handling the call should be able to view the e-mail sent by the customer.

Request tracking and automation

Automates the process of creating, organizing, and tracking customer requests or complaints using a seamless process in one consolidated place which can be accessed easily by the customer support team members.

Account and contact management

There should be unique accounts for each customer, and all the information should be stored in that account. For example, if the customer is using a credit card, then all the previous statements, call/e-mail history, card details, payment history, etc. should be stored at one location for the associate to access it easily and help the customer comfortably.

Live chat

Many customers prefer to chat than a call. If the customer needs to chat with an associate, that feature should be built into the customer support software. This should be integrated with a chatbots so that the customer can get the basic responses through it, and many times they might not even require reaching to a live associate. 

How Infraon customer service software works?

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