After testing up to 145 headphones and seeing another 170, WireCutter thinks the Sony Headphones WH-H900N are the best Bluetooth headphones. The sound great for phone calls as well as music offers to cancel that is better than most other noise canceling. They offer about 28 hours of the life of a battery. They are quite comfortable, and they come in several colors, too.


With a mild bass that is forward, plus clean and clear highs that do not pierce the Sony WH-H900N headphones sound much better than those retailing for hundreds more.


It has a battery life of 28 hours, comfortable, quality noise canceling and phone calls that are super-clear phone making this pair appropriate for use in the office, as well. Although noise canceling is not the best you can get – check out WireCutter’s guide for the best active noise-canceling headphones for that, it is well above average. If you want multipurpose headphones that are respectable at almost everything this WH-H900N give you the most for your money.


CrazyBaby Air Nano gives you much of the features of the Sony but only for around $99 currently. You get a pair of wireless earbuds that plug it to your ear with a secure fit. It comes with a charging case the size of a capsule for charging the pair to go for 3 hours on one charge, while the case itself holds up to 12 hours of charging time. It also has fast charging – 5 minutes for 1.5 hours of listening time.

So, if you are looking for a wireless pair of earphones, these are probably the two best to research for what is the best for you. The Air Nano has just been released so you can get them for a discounted price with free shipping and they are probably not listed yet in any guides.