Workforce management is a significant challenge faced by every business, which needs to keep track of employees and the hours they have worked. One way to solve this in big corporations is to try and find the best computer monitoring software. But what if you don’t need a sophisticated solution, but only want to track attendance? Manual time entry systems are very time and labor-intensive, which is why more companies are turning towards using a clock in clock out app such as Boomr for simple, accurate time tracking.

How the Boomr Clock In Clock Out Software Helps

In a traditional clock in the system, the clock in clock out for employees involves manually entering the data on a timesheet, which often results in a queue when large numbers of employees are engaged in clocking in at the same time.

Similar situations can arise at meal and break times, causing further disruption to the workday. At knockoff time workers would again have to queue to enter their knock-off times manually.

The timesheets then need to be collected and the data collated. In many organizations, timesheets are not tallied until the end of the week or month, which requires hours of work-time to complete and is prone to errors. When errors are made, employees are often either underpaid or overpaid. Paper timesheets can also lead to manipulation of timesheet data and/or buddy punching which is known as “time theft” and costs businesses billions of dollars every year.

Overpaid workers may not report the situation, while underpaid workers would take up valuable time in getting the situation rectified.

An employee clock in an app can dramatically improve time tracking, record breaks taken, and tally up overtime automatically. Letting the employee clock in the app do the work can free up to 40 hours per month from timesheet calculation while also ensuring all workers get paid their correct wages.

By taking advantage of a smartphone’s GPS system, a mobile time clock can accurately track not just the hours worked, but they are also able to instantly locate employees whenever they are logged in to Boomr’s employee clock in an app.

GPS time tracking is an invaluable tool that ensures employers can quickly check that employees are precisely where they should be during their scheduled work shifts.

Time padding, where employees add extra time to their hours on the timesheet, is eliminated when staff is automatically logged into a clock in the app. In a large company with many employees, this can equate to savings in the many thousands of dollars over the year.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From a Clock In Clock Out App

Virtually any industry can benefit from the advantages provided by an employee clock in an app. The construction industry, with many employees regular changing work sites, can benefit from a clock in clock out an app with a GPS time tracking feature, which gives managers the ability to monitor both hours worked, and ensure that all employees are on-site.

Home health care agencies can also take advantage of a GPS function in the mobile time clock application, as managers gain the ability to track precise locations of all their mobile aid workers.

Companies who regularly use freelancers and independent creative agencies will be able to keep a closer eye on the number of hours worked for more accurate billing.

With Boomr providing the ability to monitor the hours worked of all employees accurately, and in a secure application that is free from the threat of manipulation can potentially reduce running costs and save an organization many thousands of dollars.