Some business people may be good at running their businesses, but they don’t really know what’s going on in the world of online business and SEO and never even take advantage of free tools supplied by Google and other search engines. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that traffic will arrive by itself as soon as they put up a business website or blog. However, this is very far from the truth and in order to receive traffic from the major search engines, you will need to have a good plan for search engine optimization and online marketing in place.

The game of SEO is constantly changing because make the search engine such as Google are constantly changing their rules and algorithms. Therefore, rather than try to keep on top of it and run a business the best thing is to hire an SEO expert provides independent SEO services and who knows the rules of the game, freeing up time for a business owner to get on with running the business.

Google, the major and most important search engine, changes their algorithm many times every year. This means that Webmasters and SEO professionals have a very difficult task cut out as they need to constantly keep on top of these changes.

Many webmasters have made the mistake of building too many links to their websites to quickly. This raises a flag in the eyes of Google who will then consider your link building to be “unnatural” which could lead to your site is the index, and will certainly lead to it hopping down the rankings.

Therefore if you have a business and you want to increase your online visibility, you really should consider hiring an SEO professional to get the job done in the correct manner. While this does involve some cost, the advantage is you get you lots of lovely free visitors from Google. When you consider paying for clicks is likely to cost you around £1 upwards per click depending on what the business you are in, the cost of hiring a search engine optimization expert is relatively cheap.

Working in SEO

Hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide need to increase their online presence, so learning search engine optimization skills is a great idea as there is plenty of work going. As this work is done online you can physically work from anywhere in the world with your employer being in an entirely different country. Therefore, freelancing SEO work sounds very attractive but are there any pitfalls?

In one word- Yes, however, that is not the full story.

The most common pitfall is the work is not a genuine job. There are many so-called positions advertised such as “link building”, “directory submissions”, however, these are short jobs that basically anyone can do, and therefore not a once work is completed you need to search again for another task.

Another pitfall is that the work is not quite as advertised and you commit to a project that you are not able to complete and thus earning you negative feedback.