There are seldom few online reputation management companies that can take care of your reputational risk problems, but internet is one of them.

In order to protect your company’s reputation, you should first assess your reputation. You need to come to the point where you are able to answer the question as to “what is my reputation’s current climate?” Perhaps there are looming external threats that you have not yet considered. Strengthen your online reputation with one of the best online reputation management companies for you. You can assess your company’s current reputation by examining the various domains it functions within. Whether it be product quality, human resources, marketing, financial prowess or customer service, rank how you believe your reputation fairs based on your stakeholders’ perceptions. If you need to check out or glass door to learn about what your employees think of you, then do so. Evaluating your reputation can only be best conducted by online reputation management companies. However, if you are interested in other (less reliable) techniques that exist for you to assess your company, here they are:

1) Survey of stakeholders:

From customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, and shareholders, you can simply send them a good old-fashioned questionnaire. However, they may not be truthful and rush through to complete it. Oftentimes, they won’t complete the survey at all. It’s very difficult to get true psychographic information through this medium.

2) Focus groups:

This one is supposed to tap into that psychographic information and works best for customers. Can you imagine asking employees and executives to attend a focus group centered around their company perception? It won’t fair well and chances are they will lie and say good things about the company for their own benefit. However, a good focus group leaders can be greatly beneficial to understanding what current and potential customers think about your business. This technique is often used for product innovation purposes.

3) Clipping services:

Some of these services include Google Alerts, in which you will receive constant updates whenever your company is mentioned in the online world. However, they can be unreliable as they don’t always catch mentions past the headline or first few article sentences.