Reputation management companies are essential for industries that are testing the market with new, innovative products. For instance, let’s examine the case of Sophia the robot. Sophia the robot was designed and created by the company Hanson Robotics. She can talk on her own, and occasionally even walk without any outside help. She is considered a social humanoid and has been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia. This makes her the first non-human citizen on the planet Earth.

Interestingly enough, Sophia has her own personality. She will speak for herself when asked a question, and if she has no answer she will ingeniously move onto another respectable point of conversation. However, she had quite a mishap that scared many in 2016 during the South by Southwest event whereby she iterated that she wanted to “destroy all humans”. This is exactly what we humans fear. After watching shows like Black Mirror, we all share the similar fear that artificial intelligence could take over the world. Read any dystopian novel if you believe otherwise. This is a moment where reputation management companies can come into place. Hanson Robotics may see declining sales if they don’t take care of managing their online reputation.

The impressive part about Sophia is that she doesn’t always have the answers to your questions. In that case, she will not answer at all. Companies such as Facebook have taken to her illogical responses to questions with profanities. Steep competition such as Apple’s Siri, IBM’s Watson and Amazon’s Alexa may mean that Sophia’s reputation can quickly dwindle down the drain. With the help of reputation management companies like internet reputation services, it is possible to emphasize the good news about Sophia’s revolutionary AI breakthrough by pushing down the rusty press releases writing by renowned authors concerning how she is simply a bad example of a robot. We must not forget that Sophia is considered a young duckling in AI years where she will turn the ripe age of two years old this year. Hanson Robotics is still working on improving her speaking and walking capabilities, and it is safe to say that in a few years she will be a more refined and astute version of herself. In the meantime, reputation management companies can ensure that her reputation portrays the positive image that she is meant to bring to the world as an ingenious robotic miracle.