Mobdro is an app made for video content and it is quite good at it, you can have this app on pretty much any platform which includes Android, iOS, and Windows. It is very similar to Netflix, Hotstar and it also resembles YouTube in a way, people usually think that it some sort of third-party app for YouTube.

An app can be used to watch almost any sort of video content you like and anytime you want, people call it an online TV because of its unique traits. It can be listed as one of the best apps for Android and if you are a video lover Mobdro is a recommended application for you. This app will allow you to stream many popular TV shows and movies and it will not cost money for you in its Freemium version. The thing I love most about the app is the ability to download videos so there is no need to stay connected with internet all the time and you can enjoy anywhere you want on go. Every app has its own pros and cons and if you are looking for Mobdro review and trying to decide whether you want this app or not keep reading.

Review Of Mobdro For Android

A popular app downloaded by thousands of users worldwide, this app is suitable for the people who love to watch movies and videos in their spare time. Although you can watch much more than movies using Mobdro. It prioritizes content and displays most trending content on top which is a very useful feature in my opinion. It does not actually hosts video but it gathers content from different sources over the internet and make sure the best one gets on their list. It always keeps on updating so there is no way you will ever run out of content for the very long time. You would not miss any trending and popular video by using Mobdro. Below are some of the features which make this app stand out from many other video streaming apps

  • It’s free and will not cost any money for any of its videos, you can pretty much watch any movie, TV show and Music video without paying a penny.
  • It has a very good ranking mechanism which brings good videos on top and makes sure you won’t miss them.
  • There is a filtering option which lets you find the exact video you want and you can separate videos by their language and some other properties
  • App has a very elegant and simple user interface which easy navigation, you won’t have any problem using it
  • You can watch almost every popular TV channel via Mobdro, which includes channels like CNN, Cartoon Network and much more.
  • There is sharing capability which lets you share videos with your friends and family with a tap of button
  • App comes in two version one is free but annoying ads pop up and the paid version costs almost 3 euros per year

Mobdro is a wonderful app for video lovers and it has been discussed briefly above, rest is up to you to decide if you want it or not.

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