Do you have a prepaid phone connection but hardly a choice of good prepaid plans to choose from? You need to switch to a provider that does – like Airtel prepaid.

Your mobile phone, whether a basic handset or an expensive smartphone, is your lifeline to the world. Help or information is just a few clicks of a button away, and your phone helps you complete many important tasks as well. From online shopping to banking, and from booking tickets to chatting online with friends, your smartphone provides hours of entertainment and information via Internet connectivity.

Naturally, your phone usage is dependent upon your lifestyle and how addicted you are to your phone – but most importantly, it is dependent on your phone’s connection. You might be a heavy user and have thus opted for a postpaid plan. While those who use their phones intermittently may mostly opt for a prepaid plan. Frankly, with the rapid advancements in mobile technology, there is little to distinguish between prepaid and postpaid plans today. The only key difference is that the prepaid connection requires a mobile recharge once the pack validity runs out, while the postpaid connection accrues a monthly bill.

Prepaid phone user – and not a happy one?

As a prepaid phone user, you have a monthly pack that gives you some amount of data, some minutes of free calling and texting, and other benefits. You might have a plan that is not well-designed for your needs, and you might run out of data every so often. When you run out of data before the pack is over, you might need a top-up so that you can continue browsing at the same speeds. At the very least, your plan might cost you more than you would like to pay for it!

The time has passed to endure a poorly developed postpaid plan – get an Airtel prepaid plan and avail of its new mobile recharge plans that will simply knock your socks off.

Getting the Airtel prepaid plan is really easy – port from your current service provider to Airtel, and ask the latter for their latest mobile recharge plans. The illustration above shows Airtel’s latest recharge plans for Delhi – and they’re absolute zingers!

* Rs 249: With a pack validity of 28 days, it gives you unlimited calls (local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing), 100 SMSs per day and 2 GB daily 3G/4G data.

* Rs 448: This is one of Airtel’s most popular mobile recharge plans, offering validity of 82 days and 1.4 GB data per day. Plus, you get unlimited calls (local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing), and 100 SMS per day.

* Rs 499: Another popular offering in its category, it also has a validity of 82 days but gives 2 GB of 3G/4G data per day. Calling is unlimited, and you get 100 free SMS per day.

* Rs 509: Airtel’s most expensive mobile recharge plan is still one of the most affordable ones in the market today, with 1.4 GB daily 3G/4G data and 90 days’ pack validity. You get unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day.

So make the switch to Airtel prepaid, and enjoy superfast speeds, always-on connectivity and easy mobile recharge options online.