AngularJS and Angular 2 are both the best JavaScript frameworks used to build web-based applications. Despite the two being evenly powerful, each one holds its own importance. One needs to decide which one to use depending on the expected results. In this article, let us find out how AngularJS and Angular 2 are different from each other.

• Introduction

AngularJS released back in 2010, by Google, is a popular JavaScript framework used to web-based applications. The structure is developed using TypeScript and JavaScript as well as HTML. On the other hand, Angular 2, not an updated version of AngularJS, is altogether a rewritten framework by Google with a lot of improvements. It was released later in 2016. It can design complex and large applications with ease.While AngularJS uses Controllers and Scope object, Angular 2 uses none of them. The components replace the controllers.

• Architecture limitations

Concerning architecture, Angular 2 has covered up some of the critical issues found in AngularJS. However, some of these changes aren’t compatible with AngularJS. Angular 2 has an eight-fold speed boot for updating and rendering pages. One can use a special tool available for both the frameworks that allow merging of the two. The tool permits to use Angular 2 on web pages previously developed through AngularJS. Moreover, Angular 2 leads in delivering powerful templates to the developers.

• Improvements related to performance

A problem that persisted in AngularJS was the bootstrap not being specific to a platform ultimately degrading the performance. In Angular 2, it is made explicit to a platform. On the other hand, AngularJS is a better choice to make when the mobile support is concerned. It offers two-way binding and receptive designs but lacks mobile support. It depends itself on the libraries to get it functional on mobiles. But the Angular 2 is completely mobile friendly. Native Script is one of the libraries that help boost the mobile development.

• Code interpretation in several forms

Angular 2 is now popular due to its capability of interpreting codes in various forms without causing issues. Thus, the coding gets faster compared to AngularJS.

• Dependency injection

Angular 2 holds better opportunities for object-based work and components due to enhanced dependency injection. It has three parts in the injection, i.e., indicators consisting APIs. These help in injecting dependencies. Unlike AngularJS, the objects require being passed only through the injector view.

• Key difference

Angular 2 is majorly preferred nowadays since it does not depend on $ scope. AngularJS has glued the controller and view. It has helped the programmers write fewer codes, save time and get maximum scalability on projects.

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