Security of data is an essential ingredient in this electronic age. Today, you have people using their mobile phones for a variety of uses right from booking cinema tickets to transferring funds online. Each of these activities needs transmission of sensitive data over the internet. Just imagine if someone can infiltrate your messages and gain access to your bank accounts. You may feel that you have a secure phone and no one can have access to the data stored in it. However, you might not have contended with data theft while your message is in transit. It brings us to the subject of phone encryption.

People might feel that they have the best security measures installed in their phones. No one can access their phones without having to pass through a couple of substantial layers of security. In spite of such security measures, how can the information leak out? People can have such kinds of apprehensions. The reasons are straightforward. Your phone is a secure one. As long as you have the phone in your hand, no one can look at your data. However, once you have transmitted the data, hackers can still interpret the same midway and gather vital information. You have unethical mobile service providers who can expose your data. Government agencies and investigation departments can have access to your data at any time, even after you delete the messages from your phone. Under such circumstances, you should resort to ECC encrypted messaging.

Developed by Global Secured and marketed by Sky ECC, this is the state of the art security in use today. This software program encrypts your data and messages while they are in your phone itself and store them inside a separate partition. You require a unique access password to enter the same and procure the data. Similarly, the data goes in the encrypted format to the receiver who has to have the access code with him or her to decipher the messages. This double layer of security is the best one to ward off the unscrupulous hackers and the unethical service providers.

This security measure is robust, much more than what is in use today. It is virtually impossible for a third person to gain access to the data and procure the information. The security is so strong that one cannot access the data even by violent or physical snatching of your smartphone. You have the facility of using the duress password whereby you can destroy the data in your smartphone preventing the infiltrator from having access at all. Your phone becomes useless in his hands.

Do we require such advanced security on our phones? The answer should be a resounding YES. You need your data to be secure. The message encryption is the best way to do it. Encromail ensures that no one but the sender and the receiver has access to the messages. Maybe, the hackers might find a way out as well. However, as of date, they are unable to break the security layer.

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