Bitcoin and Ethereum, both are basically the digital currencies. Although the bitcoin is older than the Ethereum still, the Ethereum is giving the tough competition to the bitcoin. Whenever anyone is asked about the best cryptocurrency, some people say that bitcoin is better while some say that the Ethereum is much better. According to a survey, the people who did not like bitcoin, are running towards the Ethereum. In the digital currencies, all the types of cryptocurrencies are giving a strong competition but the tough fight is between the Ethereum and bitcoin. It is only because of the liking of the people. Although people like to invest they actually do not know how both cryptocurrencies are better than each other. While some people have in mind that both the cryptocurrencies are similar and they do not find any difference between them. So as to clear the confusion, here are some distinctive features which separate them from each other.

  • Both the cryptocurrencies differ in the terms of technology. People think that the bitcoin is older so it is better and Ethereum has been in the market, only for few years. If the bitcoin is superior in age then the Ethereum is much superior in technology. The platform for Ethereum runs on the smart contracts. The smart contract is the new technology and the bitcoin is devoid of this.
  • The cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and Ethereum have the number of coins. Nevertheless, both the cryptocurrencies have a huge difference in the number of coins. The bitcoin has twenty-one million coins while the Ethereum is having a total of nighty two million coins circulated all around the world. Some people say that it does not matter for them that which currently have the higher number and availability of coins but some people say that there is definitely a need of the higher availability of coins especially in online merchants.

  • Although both the currencies help in exchanging money no one can deny the fact that people are making donations and fundraising only through the Ethereum. Some people find it more reliable while some people find it quick in action. But the donations through the Ethereum allows the people to look into the donations at any time as it is an open source and anyone can see it. Ethereum cryptocurrency gives the guarantee of safety of the money, funds or donations.
  • Although Ethereum and bitcoin have helped in the last year, to a greater extent. Both the currencies have gained a huge amount in the past few years but more precisely, the Ethereum was able to make the good gain. So it is difficult to decide that which one is better, both are better in their own place.