HubSpot is an established company that was founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah while they studied at the MIT  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). They started by providing and developing free marketing tools primarily for small businesses. Within a year HubSpot was bringing in around a quarter of a million in revenues. With that kind of success, it makes sense to listen to what they have to say, as well as use the tools they provide – Without a doubt, a “no-brainer” if ever there was one. HubSpot has 3 primary tools available that can help get your business buzzing.

1 – Content Management

Google search is the most popular search engine on earth, by a long (long) shot. It uses a complex algorithm to determine who and what content is returned in the top spots for a specific search. What will make your content get preference is relevancy. The more relevant it is to the search the higher it will go. It makes sense, the more content you create the more chances you have of being “chosen” to provide the answers the person searching is looking for. While by no means the only consideration, the most important point for Google’s algorithm is most definitely relevance. Hence, it is very important to think about the content you create and ensure it is relevant to the products and/or services you provide. HubSpot can provide the tools you need to manage content easily – Make sure it’s relevant and you will almost certainly start to see traffic: A sure-fire way to get your business buzzing.

2– Social Media Marketing

If you are in business you’ve probably known that social media is the latest “buzz word”. However, understanding how it works and exactly how it can help your business is not always so easy to grasp. HubSpot marketing tools take a lot of the guesswork out, which is great for the marketing novice and small businesses alike. Sharing content has never been so easy! They also have a range of blog articles which can help kick-start your social media marketing campaign in no time at all. Additionally, HubSpot also provides valuable analytics – who commented on what content, whether it was positive or negative etc. This means you can reply to comments quickly as well as understand your client better. Without a doubt, when it comes to social media marketing HubSpot will get your business buzzing along there nicely…

3 – Search Engine Optimisation: SEO

There are two kinds of SEO. One is known as “black hat” and the other is commonly referred to as “organic SEO”. When it comes to getting ranks in Google the latter is the only one that really works. Indeed, Google has spent a fortune changing their algorithm to keep out the “black hat tricksters”. HubSpot’s marketing tools can help your business build its SEO campaign organically. Without a doubt, HubSpot has the tools and the advice to do it right. Google gets the lions to share when it comes to online searches: Recent studies indicate nearly ninety percent of B2B buyers will use Google search, and around eighty percent of online shoppers the same. It makes sense to build your campaign specifically to achieve google ranks and get your business busy, busy and buzzing!