How to Record a Presentation in Google Slides

If you want to record a presentation on Google Slides, what iTop Screen Recorder can do?

When it comes to formal knowledge exchange in today’s business world, PowerPoint is the go-to application for everything from presentations to monthly updates to training materials to new concept pitches and status reports (or, in some industries, on Keynote for Mac). That’s because a well-executed deck can make a company’s communications crystal clear, digestible, and memorable by combining the full potential of a highly visual platform with just the appropriate amount of space for text.

If you’re going to do a presentation, why not just use Google Slides?

Google Slides, for the uninitiated, is a presentation tool that operates similarly to PowerPoint. Slide-based presentations can be built with it by integrating text and visuals in a number of ways. PowerPoint files and other presentation formats can be uploaded by users, and Google will convert them to the Slides format.

Despite Google Slides’ considerable strengths as a presentation tool, its collaborative capabilities may prove to be among its most useful aspects. If they so want, Google Slides users can work concurrently on the same document. Users can see every revision made to a presentation while always staying on the most up-to-date version. 

Video Presentation Display and Discussion

The most important aspect of any slide deck is the way in which the information contained in the document is disseminated. The presenter(s) are responsible for fleshing out the information that isn’t included in the slide presentation. This is why it is crucial for businesses to use presentation recording software to grabar una presentación en Google Slides that is both adaptable and simple to use, allowing them to quickly record a comprehensive presentation for later review or send to others. iTop Screen Recorder is just such a simple and easy-to-use recording tool

Users can choose from three different options when using iTop Screen Recorder to record audio and video.

In addition to making it easy to record a Google Slides presentation, iTop Screen Recorder also gives you 3 different recording options based on what you want to record thanks to his unique features of recording audio and video.

  • Converting your Google Slides presentation into an easily shareable video. Once you’ve finished creating your presentation with Google Slides, you can access it from any web browser to show it to an audience in real time. To start recording, simply launch the free video and screen recorder provided by iTop Screen Recorder, set up your preferences, and then click the red record button REC. 
  • Making a PowerPoint presentation from a Google Slides presentation. Do you fear that you won’t be able to give a presentation that uses a browser because of a lacklustre connection speed? Or perhaps you need to give a presentation using a computer that you’re not sure will be able to display a Google Slides deck. Once you’ve completed making the changes and saving the new file, launch iTop Screen Recorder and pick the screen record option. All other details will be taken care of by iTop Screen Recorder.
  • Google Slides can be used to incorporate a presentation’s video. This option will need somewhat more effort on your part, but it may end up being the better decision once we learn more about your needs. iTop Screen Recorder can let you record your presentation, either in sync with your slides or separately if you already have a video of your presentation. 

You can export the recorded PowerPoint file and quickly share them with others via email with one click using iTop Screen Recorder.