In big cities, it is not uncommon for every member of a family to have appointments in totally different locations all day long and for everyone to meet on weekends. When one arrives the other is already sleeping and in the morning not all wake up together. It turns out that family only relates when it can, not as it should.

Leaving aside the affective issues related to this routine, we also have the issue of safety. If someone does not arrive home until the time that would be normal, the worries already beginning can be a sign of danger. The spy app for iPhone happens to be perfect there.

Let’s say a family of 5 where the college-age daughter comes home around 11:30 pm. If it does not arrive until midnight is certainly a sign of concern. What if parents call their cell phone and get out of range? Then everyone starts to think the worst.

Wouldn’t it be interesting phone with an app that could monitor the whole family?

The Android app 360 Life Locator is just for that. It lets everyone in your house know in real time where others are. Also, list the most dangerous and safe places near each of the family members.

Track people

The program keeps updated where family members are:

  • In the free version of Family Locator these are the main features included:
  • See where each family member is using GPS, WiFi, or even phone network antennas (with much lower accuracy, of course).
  • Location history telling you where you’ve been
  • Let everyone in the family know that you are fine with just 1 touch screen
  • Hazard panic alarm that will make a call and send a text message with your location to all members of your family.
  • 24-hour chat between family members
  • Panic button
  • Panic button warns everyone of the danger

And what do you need to get a service like this working?

There is a mobile phone with an Android operating system, such as the Motorola Defy. It is not very expensive and has good overall performance, and is very resistant, including waterproof.

A data plan to send information in real-time to the internet. Each person in the family must have a telephone or access the internet to view information from others and Family Locator is just one of the programs that do this task, and some more advanced functions depend on infrastructure that doesn’t always exist in Brazil. In any case, the geolocation functions that depend on the internet are perfectly accessible in any Brazilian capital or city with 3G or edge network.

This app is also available for iPhone and other platforms, even working on standard mobile phones, but with extremely limited functionality that doesn’t even make up for the time investment, in my opinion.