With time, every gadget slows down as the data and junk get accumulated in the devices. The addition of apps also adds to the woes in a great deal. There would always be a lag in the devices, which would be the reason for our inconvenience. Well, in Australia you can get all the exciting deals and offers from HotOzCoupons to get your Android mobile fixed or updated.

The tricks which you can follow in order save the hassle with your phones when it gets slowed down-

1. Up to date –

Always ensure that your device is up to date as the new software updates clean or fix the bugs present. It can help your Android to run faster. You should customize the settings for an auto-update for the software parts as this would prevent you from updating manually.

2. Install lightweight versions for apps –

It is recommended that you install the lite version of the apps if available in the play store. This would save space a lot. In addition to the usage of space, this would also help you to save data but would provide you with the same features of the apps.

3. Uninstall/ disable unused apps –

You should always monitor the apps which you frequently use. The unused apps should be disabled or uninstalled as they would consume unnecessary space if in the device. Hence there would be a massive lag in the cell phones. You can always enable the disabled when you need them. You should also check the apps in the running which run at the background and harms the performance of the devices.

4. Clear cache of app data –

With frequent usage of a particular app, it can build up a vast cached data, and this can reduce the performance of the device. So often you must clear the cached data to free some space. It is one of the best ways to maintain your phone.

5. Optimizing phone’s battery –

You should always check the battery usage of your devices to save the performance of the device. Try to analyze the battery usage of each app and accordingly, you can decide which apps to disable. Always run an optimization check for the apps to keep the performance of the devices on track.

6. Rebooting –

If you reboot the device regularly, it will help the machines to run smoothly. A reboot occasionally would fix the glitches and would minimize the phone getting hot quickly.

7. Turn off auto sync –

It is better that we don’t try to sync different accounts in our devices as they would get updated automatically which would hamper the performance of the device. It puts pressure on the battery life as well. Try to delete the accounts which have been synced needlessly, as they would cause a huge performance issue for the devices.

8. Use of third-party launcher –

If you want to make the device faster, you can always go for some third-party launcher which is sufficed. Some famous ones are Apex launcher, Go Launcher. These launchers would make the device perform faster. The launchers would help you to start only the apps which you want to access, and in this manner, there won’t be any performance issue. You can personalize your phone in a better way.

9. Installing of Custom ROM –

Well, sometimes rooting isn’t the right option to make your phones faster. However, a custom ROM will be able to do it for your device. You can always use the custom ROM to update the version of the Android. As per the specifications of your android phones, you have to choose the correct ROM. It will surely help you to overcome all the issues like performance, heating or slowness of the device. The custom ROMs also offer some cool modifications which will make the Android device handy.

10. Performing a Factory Reset –

When you are done trying with all the methods of fixing the performance of the Android phones, then the last hope is to perform a factory reset. It should be done periodically, which will keep the device in the perfect condition. This step will remove all the junks which have got accumulated in the machine. It will also wipe out basic settings and data. Back the vital data you have and only then perform this recovery step.

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