iPhones are very expensive, popular and special phone, which IOS based. They are handy amazing app store with outstanding camera quality, which makes it high demanded phone and represents a social status of a person.

Factors need to keep in mind while buying used iPhone –

Everyone cannot afford to buy first-hand iPhones but they can definitely go for second hand or used iphones, which can be less expensive. Few points always keep in mind once you have made up your mind to buy second-hand iPhones-

1.Best price in the market –

Before buying any phone it is advisable to do market research along with prices and who is offering used iPhone at best price whether, at your nearby location store or online, it is better to grab the dear before it is gone.

2. Quality check –

Always goes for a quality check before buying an iPhone to know the true value of iPhones as well as the damages check and the life of the iPhones. Check screen condition, buttons and touch screen, headphones and speed of the phone if it is used by average person so the condition will be good and single handed used phones are good options.

3. Lock status –

If you are interested in buying second-hand iPhone you need to be extra careful and advisable to check the activation lock status for iPhone and in case of stolen and lost case other used cannot activate lock status.

4. IMEI serial number –

It is a unique features offered by iphone. Every iphone has a unique serial number. It should be clean if it is not clean like stolen or lost case than buying iphone is worthless. On the mobile diagnostic app, you can find the IMEI status.

5. Certified seller –

Always buy iphone from the certified seller or authorized dealer who give you guarantee about the better functioning of the phone and it is worth the value.

If you are buying iphine from your friend or relative than you might be aware of the condition of the phone but it contain risks when you buy from the third party so always do proper check including model, carrier, memory  and data erasures to get the best deal.

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