Conference calls are the easiest and fastest way to brief a group of people with the latest news. When you need to make an announcement as soon as possible or to let your team members know about plan changes, a conference call will allow you to do this. This is due to the fact that conference calls will allow you to talk to a group of people at once, instead of just talking to one at a time, through regular calls. But, did you know you can enjoy free conference call services, so you will get the chance to brief everyone without spending a dime? The free conference call service you’re looking for is called ezTalks and it will offer everything from conference calls to video conferences, all of them free of charge.

You won’t believe just how useful a service like this can be until you will have to communicate something fast and you won’t be able to do so. But when you have a conference call service available, all you’ll need to do is to summon everyone and get things done in a matter of seconds. What you need to know is that present-day conference call services offer a wide range of features these days. So, it will be much more than just keeping an agenda with the right phone numbers. You will also be able to set dates for future conference calls, according to your schedule and when it is possible to foresee such events. You could also be able to record your meetings or set special greeting messages. The possibilities are definitely numerous, as you have the chance to customize your conference calls according to your needs.

Every business manager should have such a tool in hand, due to the fact that it helps you stay on track no matter what happens. Just try to picture the case in which there are sudden plan changes that should be announced as soon as possible. Software like ezTalks was made to deliver precisely this kind of services. There’s no point in losing time when there are so many things that need to be taken care of. Just put together a conference call and let everybody know what is on the priority list next. E-mails are not read in a timely manner and real-time meetings take time, effort, and resources to organize. But, a conference call is fast and clean and will allow you to transmit your message in a matter of minutes and to the desired number of people.

You’re not sure how this will help you be more effective? Just try ezTalks out and you will understand what we are talking about. It is worth knowing that this software has several features that will benefit your company. It is not just a conference call service, as it is also a tool for video conferences and online meetings. You can easily bring everybody together and hold a meeting that will be as real as it gets with such a tool. You’ll be able to host meetings and conferences even when you’re on the road or when one of your team members is not at the office. EzTalks helps everyone connect with ease and participate at a meeting like there are no geographical boundaries in between. Now you probably see just how great it is to have this software around. Whether it is about making a quick announcement or holding a meeting with people located in various places around the world, you can do so with software capable of delivering conference call services or online meeting possibilities.

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