Volume measurement system uses a technology to capture images of flats, packages, tubes, polybags and other irregular shaped items in the shortest time possible and this helps to calculate package dimensions for shipment purposes. In this context, knowing the concept of dimensional weight is important. It is referred to as the dim weight and reflects the density of a package (the amount of space that the package consumes with respect to its weight). To determine the dim weight, a package’s length, height and weight are multiplied, resulting in cubic size, divided by 139.

Volume Measurement Systems

Following are the volume measurement system available:-

iDimension 100

The iDimension 100 measures the volume or dimensions if flats, packages or irregular shapes. It is economical to use and is designed to measure dimensions of low as well as high volume shipping applications. It is considered as the future of dimensioning.

iDimension 100XL

The iDimension 100XL is designed to provide ease in installing a dimensioning solution at any place over a table, support beam, conveyor or even a ceiling mount.

iDimension 200

iDimension 200 is used on top of tables, they are used in workstations, office or retail stores, shipping environments. iDimension 200 is used for dimensioning packages for shipment purposes.

iDimension 300

IDimension 300 is designed for installation on concrete floors. They are positioned atop conveyors, workstations to dimension items in manufacturing units or warehouses.

iDimension 400

Idimension 400 is used for dimensioning shipping products. They are used to augment quality assurance (QA) verification. The dimensioning system uses 3D technology in loading warehouses, bays. These dimensioning systems are used to ship or receive departments.

There are available a host of other dimension measuring systems, volume measuring systems online. You can visit a relevant website, check the products available in it, you can contact the customer support for more details before investing in the products.