A resume template provides you a professional way to build your CV without the need to hire the expensive services of an expert writer. In fact, it provides all the benefits of hiring a professional writer. It is a time-saving and money-saving strategy that helps you build a positive impression while providing all the required information on your resume.  Thus, it helps in improving your chances of landing a better position. However, it is important to choose greatly functional resume templates. Here are 5 such tips to ensure that you get the best out of this strategy.

1. Customize the Resume

Every professional is different from another one, even in the same field. So it is highly recommended to customize your functional resume templates as per your needs. There are templates that list the information in chronological order. Then there are combination CVs focused on illustrating your skills. The right templates allow you to make changes so that you can create a custom CV that is specific to your skills, knowledge, and qualifications. Some of the other changes you can make include changing the font, adding borders, and adding/removing dividers.

2. Conditions for Adding Color

When used the right way, color can add another dimension to draw the attention of your potential employers. Black and white resumes are the norm, but light-colored outline or dark blue headings can at times make a difference. The alexander resume template fullwidth colored is one of the best examples of such templates. If you are in the field of graphics and designing, the use of more colors may be more acceptable.

3. Choose the Perfect Font

Again, someone in the field of creative designing may use a more attractive font. Times New Roman is the norm with functional resume templates. A good template will allow you to select a font of your choosing. It is, however, recommended to choose a font that is simple and thin. Tahoma, Book Antiqua, and Georgia are popular fonts that look good, both in soft-copy and hard-copy.

4. Consider Adding a Photo

If you are considering adding your photo to your CV, it is highly recommended to choose a photo that looks professional. The right photo and the right placement can do wonders in getting you a call to an interview. If you want to add your photo, it is recommended to choose functional resume templates that provide the ideal position for placing it.

So make sure to follow these tips and considerations when using a resume template. Your goal should be to present yourself in the most professional and presentable manner in compliance with the position you are applying for, while delivering all the key information required by the potential employers.