Can you ditch your cable and still enjoy your favorite TV shows? Maybe yes, you heard it right! Here’s the guide to stream shows online on your mobile for free.

Patrons are fed up with rising cable prices these days. At times we all have thought of giving up. But we all love to watch TV, isn’t it? It is a fundamental part of our lives that we enjoy at leisure times lying on the sofa with a tub of popcorn. Well, then what is the solution. Fortunately, now you have the freedom to stream your beloved shows online for free. Little patience and effort is the only thing you need here. However, we don’t deny that many shows are available only in paid versions still you can watch a lot. Are you ready?

1. Get a free TV streaming site or app:

It is not necessary to get a paid version. Many apps will entertain you without digging in your pocket. There are some best free TV streaming websites and apps like Sony Crackle, Pluto TV, Yahoo View, Tubi TV, etc that provide you limited content access in the free version. Sit back to enjoy TV and be prepared to withstand ads, though.

Network sites like NBC and Fox also let you watch popular current and past episodes on their respective network. To watch full episodes you need to log in or create an account with a cable operator. Always check the user policies and stream them through secure apps or sites.

2. Sign up For Free Version:

Firstly the bad news i.e. the nearest substitute for cable is the paid subscription services only. But the good news is that a trial period of seven days or a month is generally provided by many websites these days. Especially if you are a first time user you can stream all paid shows costless. For example, Hulu and Netflix can be enjoyed for a month for free. Well, the trial version is a temporary fix but it is always smart to stream and pick what you like. You can anytime get a paid subscription when you are sure.

Note: Do not forget to cancel once you complete your trial period to avoid any charges.

3. Scrounge with your library card:

Many libraries are in partnership with streaming services that allow members to benefit them with no cost TV access. For this, you don’t have to visit your library just confirm and login to your account for free with the library card or email address. Ask the librarian or management.

4. Redeem Reward points:

Few companies have reward programs that have a lot of perks. Like Microsoft Rewards you earn points on completion of every task and quizzes. You can make purchases via Microsoft store and these points can be redeemed via retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Here is where you can buy online TV subscriptions through these websites by redeeming such points.

Let me make it simple. We all have credit cards, don’t we? Yes, utilize your credits and cash backs to buy a TV subscription. You just need to be a little strategic and you are good to go.

5. Scroll through App Store For free downloads:

Platforms like iTunes and Google Play have a TV segment that is worth searching for. You can download them and watch them later on your phone or computer. However, these offer limited plots and episodes mostly from an older collection.

6. Offers from Mobile phone carriers:

With increasing competition, mobile service companies have come up with offers. Television and mobile are intertwined hence it’s not surprising to attain such offers.

7. Request friends or neighbors account:

If your friend is generous and has subscribed to TV websites bingo, you have got a ticket to free TV. Many services have special plans that allow more than one user to view content. Like Amazon Prime, if used from the same address permits you to share benefits.

Hulu members can add up to five members. Similarly, HBO subscribers can share a subscription with family members. If your friend is kind and ready to share, work out things courteously.

I hope now you know that getting an antenna isn’t necessary all you need is modesty and smartness. If you feel this was helpful do not forget to spread the word to your friends.

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