The laser is an advanced technology – UV marking machines can mark or etch on all types of materials. The latest UV laser source has been designed for the highly accurate marking that results in what looks like printing. The machines have a machine extended service life, as well as making the power instability power reduced to less than 3{bc6b7d432e449a8124a913f7d467b8a29390f8cbfde314277514a7e0cab65102}. High peak power, short pulse width, makes the laser achieve flow line standards.

Marking on materials

This UV Laser marking equipment is able to put markings on almost all materials, including:

  • Metal
  • Plastics
  • Paper

The output power averages 2kW, while the machine at peak power can go all the way up to 12kW. It can define a fixed point and position where to mark as well as the flow line. The laser is easy to install and operate.

Working principle

The working principle of this UV Laser marking system uses a special technology for applying a variety of images to the surface using direct radiation exposure. Thanks to specific equipment, these machines can be set to the diameter and power of the processing beam. These settings will define the clearness of the image and the thickness of the lines. When the beam power is set, you can achieve a result were one part of the image or the picture is on the surface and the other part is cut deeply into the material. If you need UV machine, click here.

Marking and engraving

This UV laser is used in engraving and marking where super precision is must and is mainly suitable for:

  • Pharmaceutical packaging material marking
  • Food packaging
  • High-speed dividing of glass
  • Micro-punching
  • Silicon wafers having complex graphics

Made by several companies

There are several companies that make and sell these machines. By doing some research on the internet you can find these companies and watch promotional videos that show exactly how these UV Laser Marking machines work and contact sales reps to get further information. These machines are able to be shipped almost anywhere and you can get all of this information from a company’s website or sales reps.

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