You are probably thinking “what is a backlink” – backlinks are one of the most used words in the field of SEO (search engine optimization). Backlinks also referred to as incoming links, inward links, inbound links, or in links and are those links incoming to a web page or website for another website. In basic terminology, backlinks are any links received by a:

  • Web node;
  • Web page;
  • Website;
  • Directory;
  • Top-level domain.

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New businesses

Many new websites or blogs that have only recently started usually struggle to understand what the term “backlink” means.  But they soon learn the more backlinks they have pointing back to their site the more popular it will be. A website or page with many backlinks will rank higher on search engines, including Google which is the major search engine new companies need to score high with. In fact, most companies that do SEO for new companies, believe that one single article about a new company can result in hundreds of quality backlinks, and this will boost the visibility to that website more than almost any single thing that can be done.

Free backlinks

Backlinks are so important that many companies that do SEO, will give backlinks away for free to potential clients showing the possible client how important backlinks are to search engine optimization in growing their new business. These clients will then usually hire the SEO company’s team to manage further SEO marketing plans for them.

SEO marketing

Part of SEO marketing plan management is to gather other backlinks from competitors and to use them then analyzing the SEO plan’s success. The more successful an SEO plan is, the more business a new company will get leading to more growth at a faster rate.

SEO management

HubShout is an SEO management company that believes exactly just how important backlinks are and have gained partnership with many new companies using their vision of search engine optimizing.

It is important that when beginning a new business and building a new website, a new company should look for a well-known SEO firm to manage the search engine optimizing of any of their business webpages.

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