Whether you are just starting your business or one that has been around for years – you still need a website. This article only gives you three important reasons why websites are important, but you can go to Kings of the Web to learn more.

Today’s culture is one that revolves everything around the internet. More and more, individuals use the internet to search for anything they are looking for. Whether it is solutions to their money problems, to compare prices or just to get further information about a store, or almost any type of business, they go to the internet.


If you don’t have a website, people who might be customers or clients will not even know that you exist so your competitors will get the sale or client.  This will especially be true if you are free-lancing, and your business is run out of your home. Without an address that is bricks-and-mortar, no one will know anything about you. Having a website will provide information that people might be looking for, and it will also give your business credibility. It says to all your potential clients, ‘hey, I am here, I want your business and I am good at what I do’.

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Whatever your skills are, a website is the best way to showcase your work or show your skills. Your business website can include a portfolio, or image and video gallery, as well as testimonials from past clients about your work. You can easily show what makes you and your business greatly and why you are unique.

No control of quality

On many of the social media site such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, the quality of your graphics, or photos can be compromised and the size in many cases can be substantially reduced. Not just that but Facebook and other channels in social media control how people interact with them and in some case even who can see them.


Websites for businesses are a way to offer value-added services to clients and is a great way to keep them coming back when they need your services or products. No matter the service or products you sell, sharing tips to visitors on how to use your product or care for items after they purchase from you will keep them coming back. In other words, you have better customer service.

Resource section

No matter what your business is, you can post a FAQ page or a resource section. You can also regularly add articles or more information to keep them better informed and up to date.

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