YouTube is a video-driven platform that provides audience from all over the world one-stop place to watch all types of videos. The popularity of YouTube has reached a peak in recent time and people are now overcoming their addiction of watching the same stereotypical dramas and getting exposure. YouTube has so many diverse types of videos that one will never run out of options for watching videos. One can also download extract videos with YouTube Now.

If you don’t know what types of videos you should start watching if you have recently moved to YouTube to watch videos or don’t exactly know to pick the right videos out of the millions. Well, to pick the right ones, you must know the genre of videos YouTube has. You can also even download videos from YouTube site.


Out of many genres, cooking is one of the most popular genres of videos that are also popular on YouTube. You can watch videos that have been telecasted on your television channel or you can subscribe to the YouTuber channels. YouTubers are the people who make their own channels and upload videos on their channel from time to time. You can watch cooking videos and try those amazing recipes right at your home.


YouTube is a great place to watch tutorial videos. There are plenty of YouTubers that share tutorials on their channel. It can be anything like software, games, DIY, decoration, gardening and much more. You can learn a lot from such tutorial videos that you don’t often come across on your television.


Many of us love watching animals and their cute acts. There are plenty and plenty of animal’s videos you can find on the internet. You can see their funny side like throwing tantrums on their owner, guilt compilation, NGOs who rescue wounded and stranded animals and transform them.


Many of us have seen prank videos in our childhood days when they used to get telecasted on television. On YouTube, pranks videos are quite famous and are available in upgraded forms. There are many YouTubers who are known for their prank videos.

So, these are some of the common video genres you can start watching on YouTube. No need to worry if you are watching them at a great pace. You will never run out of the options.