We’ve all been through the basics of crowdfunding; we’re not new to the concept anymore. Indian platforms show enough evidence to back this up; they have raised crores of rupees towards healthcare, social and personal causes in the past few years. We know that sharing frequently on social media, writing a good appeal and using the right images to go with your appeal, are paramount steps to running a successful crowdfunding India campaign.

With more students and adults twenties eager to give back to their communities, there are more young people turning to crowdfunding to fund a charitable cause more than ever! Us millennials are avid social media users; you won’t find many platforms out there that we haven’t infiltrated. And we can use every one of these to their full potential to rope in more donors!

Here are 7 hacks that are ideal for the social media savvy millennial!

1. Can’t use the Instagram swipe up feature yet? No worries! Get a personalized fundraiser URL made by your platform and put it in your bio. (Call up your campaign manager to talk about this) Use the #LinkinBio hashtag in all your stories and posts to remind your viewers/readers where they can find the link to your fundraiser.

2. Tag and publicly thank your donors on every platform they’re a part of. This is also important because some donors may have accounts on different platforms. Don’t focus your efforts on one platform. It’s okay if you’re repeating the same message a few times to the same people as well; it’ll show them how grateful you are and encourage them to help you find more donors.

3. Use hashtags that are relevant to your cause when you’re posting updates on social media. If your account is a private one, consider making it public while you’re running the fundraiser. You’ll get a much larger viewership.

4. Target small social media influencers (with 10,000 followers or so) on Twitter and Instagram and try reaching out to them. Don’t pester them – a message/tweet/comment or two should be enough. You’ll be surprised to know that at least one in ten usually tend to reply positively!

5. Use the simple “Yes or No” poll option on Instagram stories to engage with your viewers. It takes less effort on their part compared to a comment, so they’re more likely to respond this way. Ask questions relevant to your cause like “How many children do you think go without water in a day?” or directly relevant to your fundraiser like “Do you think I can reach my goal in the next 5 days?” Questions like these will encourage them to get more directly involved in your crowdfunding India

6. There are many Facebook pages that promote content they think has the potential to go viral. Talk to them about your cause and get them to promote your fundraiser. This will work only if your fundraiser story is interesting and well-written (and if you’ve raised a decent amount already)!

7. Consider making a thank you video for your donors once you hit 50{498f45a2d590969326697e149cf583a7ce36348d025b968ab6be0e344e90a807} of your goal amount. Videos often tend to grab much more attention than written content on social media.

There are thousands of tips and hacks like these out there. You can even stumble upon some on your own. Good luck with your crowdfunding India campaign!