Email migration is a procedure where an email or multiple email addresses are transferred from one email client to another client service. Another term for this is Mailbox Migration or Email Migration service. In these cases, records are all migrated including:

  • Appointments;
  • Emails;
  • Contacts;
  • Tasks

Moving to cloud

Many may have already decided on moving company or individual emails to the cloud. But most understand that this is not something that should be done by self-service migration. The best first step is to select an email migration service provider. This can be narrowed down to a list of providers that are doing well with this service.

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Three methods

Basically, there are 3 migration methods that providers usually offer. These are:

  • Staged;
  • Hybrid;
  • Cut-over.

Staged is the moving of user data in batches, hence stages, while cut-over entails migrating everything all at once. Hybrid is somewhere in the middle and is usually the safest – of course, it also can be the most expensive. Based on the timeline as well as your needs, you need to research these migration methods and the vendors services that are possible. Office 365 migration services are one that you might consider.


You really need to include in your research two migration service providers and these include: is located in San Diego, California, and includes email migration in all of its email security components. They focus their approach to emailing handling to services that are most commonly requested by IT services, managed service providers as well as internal IT departments. has an award-winning program for email migrations especially if you are looking for something that works well with Office 365, Outlook, and other email exchanges. They also are considered more of a global company.

Time and Money

No matter how you choose to go with email migration services, it is important to research and learn what is available that meets your needs.  You need to choose a service that works with both your timeline and budget.

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