The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things throughout the world, including the job scenarios and income prospects. This pandemic has spread like wildfire and claimed a lot of lives globally, causing many countries to impose lockdowns in a bid to break the chain of transmission. Now as the lockdowns are being lifted along with eased to salvage the economic situations, it is becoming a common practice to work from home. The schools and colleges are organizing digital classes and modes of e-learning for student education to continue. The offices have shifted to virtual work stations with video conferences and webinars.

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Once your team has been reorganized, it is tough indeed to shift everything to a virtual platform.  The concept of digital working was there before as well but it had been an option at that point in time. However, the concept of work from home has become the need of the hour with all businesses going digital. Working remotely doesn’t come without its fair share of problems  so one has to be very well versed and flexible while preparing yourself as well as the others for shifting your team online. It is not an easy process but it can be done with a few technical tips and inputs for this purpose. So you need to train your team members accordingly with the trends of the times. The first thing which you need to see is whether the team members are tech-savvy or not and know the tricks of the trade. The period of a rollout will be without any direct supervision so it is mandatory to have a new system that will allow you to check in regularly with your team. The working of the technological era is wondrous and makes remote working from home and employee monitoring a breeze. The employee checking and web page blocking can act as great ways for averting distractions in a virtual workplace. Also, behavior analysis through remote monitoring helps prevent disruptive issues.

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Many times the comfort of being at home plus the new diversions can cause an employee to be slightly distracted.  So it is important to have a regular check-in system with the employees be it through chat, email, video call, or Skype.  So you can keep tabs on their behavior through video monitoring or employee tracking software. The mental well being of his subordinates should also be an area of concern for a compassionate and experienced superior. Working at home can be very taxing emotionally and lead to a lot of mental isolation if you spend too much time alone. To prevent this from happening, people should stay connected to each other through technological devices and chats plus emails. There are many networking software that encourages self-discipline in your employees through quality tracking, attendance records, and data usage.  So you can work from home in peace in this age of pandemic.

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