Every call whether coming from external sources or exchanged within the office premises is important. Clear communication is a great beginning. And, this can be made possible if the phone systems are paid attention to. The quality of communication used to be a matter of concern in case of conventional phone systems. Thankfully, innovations done in the direction of enhancing phone systems have given way to the development of IP phones. Here are some of the business-friendly features that these IP phones have.

a. Follow me feature

Previously, a person could divert all the calls only to voicemail when it was not possible to receive. In IP phones, a person can save 2 or 3 numbers as alternate ones, instead of diverting the person to the voicemail directly.

b. Auto attendant

Give your business a more responsible and professional personality with an auto attendant feature. The callers can be sent to the relevant extension using the auto attendant feature. In case the extension does not call, the voicemail facility is provided to the caller.

c. Do not disturb

Not every time you can manage responding to calls. At some occasions like business meetings, conferences, a ringing phone is more of a disturbance than a connectivity solution. Thus, allowing the user to have ‘do not disturb’ feature can help save time and effort by letting the person divert attention to more important issues.

d. Call reporting

Business-friendly phones like Grandstream GXP1628 IP Phone offer the feature of call reporting. Using this, a person can have a complete log of the calls received or missed on the phone during the day. The report can be generated for the extended periods too.

So, replacing the convention phone with IP phones like Grandstream IP Phone can certainly help manage business communications with added ease. Try one to feel the difference today!

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