Fortnite players know how important it is to have good PC and reliable accessories to win the battles. In addition, a player needs to have a comfortable big table and chair in order to feel his best and avoid distractions. Today, we’ll focus on the essential element of gaming, a gaming PC. Let’s find out which characteristics are required by the game.

The minimum requirements your PC must meet

Most modern gaming PCs are sure to meets system requirements. Yet, you should double check if you have Intel Core i3. The game states that this is the minimum processor but it’s much better to get i5 or even i7. In addition, you’ll need at least 4Gb RAM, and yet, if you decide to buy a gaming PC, get 8Gb at once.

A good video card is also essential for a game like this as it secures your positive experience. The developer states that Intel HD 4000 is enough.

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What else to pay attention to?

When you are sure to pick the minimum Fortnite requirements PC, you can also find out if there are some extra features you like. Think of what else you are going to play and what you might need. Find the design that you like because it’s a huge part of the choice and price. Some companies create the whole gaming sets adding a mouse and a keyboard in the same design.

Look at the accessories you’ve got and check if they are compatible with the PC you are going to buy. For instance, some PCs offer wireless connectivity while others don’t. If it’s important for you, learn such details beforehand.