Applicant Tracking Systems are designed to provide a streamlined performance with respect to the hiring process. In fact, it was designed to offer savings both in terms of time and money and provide a win-win situation for all the elements having to do with candidates. However, not everyone is interested in opting for this system. This has a lot to do with the myths that have been created as far Applicant tracking systems are concerned. We will bust a few myths in this article in regard to applicant tracking systems.

Applicant Tracking System – The Myths

Maybe you have heard about Applicant tracking systems, but are not willing to opt for it. This could be because of the myths that surround the concept. If you are one of those people who is oscillating in making a decision with respect to a good applicant tracking system, the following myth busting tips should be helpful for you.

Myth 1 – They are hard to Use

Choosing the right kind of Applicant tracking system should be one of the best ways to avoid this myth. Substandard applicant tracking systems may be difficult to use and come with features that are not in tune with the principles of the right hiring process.

Tools like Greenhouse applicant tracking system can be the best option from that perspective. These tools should be the best option for all your needs in the recruiting process. The right kind of tool is the one that will get your job done efficiently and quickly. If you choose the system that has the capability, you will never find it difficult to use. In fact, a correctly designed ATS should follow all the workflows exactly in the same way as in your traditional hiring process.

Myth 2 – It is just a database

Of course, they are databases. But they do more than that. The crux of the matter is while databases are an intrinsic part of an applicant tracking system, the system is not limited to the database alone. In addition to collecting the applications and applicant data, it also helps you screen, identify and choose the right candidate meant for the job.

What will make an Applicant Tracking System a better option should be the ability of the system in enhancing the performance level of your hiring system. It avoids all the manual elements from the recruitment process. In fact, an ATS should be the best option you will go with if you want your hiring process to remain perfectly streamlined.

Myth 3 –The System will disrupt the other Applications in your system

That should not be true, given the fact that we tend to use a lot of applications on our computer systems. Using one more should never have any issues with respect to the other software options on your computer.

However, you can choose the Applicant Tracking System available on a SaaS-based platform. You will not need any extra software to install. The applications exist on the cloud, and you should have no issues whatsoever with respect to the applications installed on your system. In fact, it should merge with your other recruiting software options or additional tools with ease.

Myth 4 –The ATS is Expensive

This is yet another myth associated with the Applicant tracking system and this forces you not to opt for the system. In fact, it does save you money and if you believe in the proverb that equates Time with Money – you will understand that the Applicant Tracking System is one of the best options to save money.

Of course, you will need to spend one time on the bundled software or periodical payments. But, given the constant nature of the recruitment process that you will be going through around the year, we consider the ATS should be one of the best options you can go with if you really want to save money. It can also help you save on in-house HR staff as well.

Myth  5 – It removes the Human Angle from recruitment

It does not eliminate the role of your Human Resource department or recruiters, but provides them a good deal of decision making power. The applicant tracking system just automates the process and saves you time in choosing the right candidate.

Your software simplifies the process, but you will always remain in control of the situation. Sifting through the final talent and picking the right candidate should be one of the major duties that your HR department should take. The ATS just eases the process, but does not take away your decision making.

In Conclusion

Well, an Applicant Tracking System is one of the excellent options for a streamlined performance of your recruitment process. Of course, there are several myths associated with this capable software for handling your recruitment and hiring process that may hinder a wholehearted acceptance of the technology. We assume we have been able to bust a few myths in an efficient manner.