Can you recall the time you have a bone particle stuck in between your teeth and you struggled to locate it and get it out? It happens to us all once in a while and it can be quite frustrating. Remember how to stay in front of the mirror, flossing, and brushing until you are able to get it out. With The Eye Rover, you won’t have to go through such problem as you can pinpoint exactly the pain point.

The Eye Rover solves all the problems that come with the limitations of your own eyes and even your smartphone camera. It doesn’t matter how tight or angular the affected area is, you can always locate it using The Eye Rover. Whatever your curiosities are, you can always break down the limitation and have full access. The Eye Rover gives eyes to your limitation, with the means of solving such problems.

Just get the app onto your smartphone and wirelessly connect to it using your Wi-Fi. The Eye Rover works for both Android and iOS devices as you can take multiple shots from different angles. Anyone can use The Eye Rover; professionals such as dentists and doctors, artisans such as mechanics, plumbers, and electricians, etc. You can also use the Eye Rover in your home as a parent and even your children. It’s not just about solving your problems but giving an eye to such limitations.