There are several people who are living and receiving community services. This group is growing of individuals who are choosing to self-direct their own services. The reason or the purpose of “self-direction services” is to expand individual’s choice and control over their services as well as the support these individuals need to live in the community.

Person-Centered planning

Self-Direction services are founded on the belief of “person-centered planning”. Person-directed planning works on a life plan built around the individual’s preferences, abilities and strength. It includes the individual, friend and family as well as professionals in both the planning as well as the delivery of services needed by the individual person.

Self- direction services

Those who are qualified for self-direction of services will:

  • Answer for managing their supports and services
  • Be measured then assigned a budget based on individual needs
  • Support Coordinator assigned to assist
  • ID members of planning team
  • Develop Individualized Service Plan or ISP
  • Work on managing budget
  • Supervise support staff as well as hiring/firing
  • Choose supports and services that are customised to their needs


“Crisis Assessment Response and Enhanced Services” is controlled through various regional “Medical Center Behavioral Health”. It offers crisis response as well as stabilization services for a period of 120 days for adults with intellectual as well as development disabilities.

New York

CARES staffs serve individuals currently in New York who have disabilities development in behavior or mental health crisis. The New York CARES staffs works out of offices that are regional in varied areas of the state, offering mobile help to individuals who are in crisis, no matter where they are located.

Crisis response

These CARES staff offer crisis replies to those consumers in an assortment of settings to help crises in behavior in place and to prevent unneeded hospitalizations and assist consumer, family members and professional staff in obtaining needed skills to support consumers in crisis.

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