Scheduling Your Priorities And Goals The Right Way With Ajournal

Have you been searching for the best journaling application to log and record various milestones and events of your life on your iPad? Rest assured AJournal would meet your specific needs without any hassles. The digital journal app would ensure you get everything recorded on your iPad without any problem. The clever digital planning application and various rich features would help you integrate multiple entries in the best possible way. 

Features Of The App

The application would help organize your thoughts and keep track of your aims using its unique features. Let us delve into the special features offered by the app. 

Organizing AJournal ensures that you can manage your day, week, month, or year along with various projects. The app also provides you with a paging feature. 

  • Journaling

Using the feature, you could make the most of Apple pencils to record journals and plan other things. The Digital journal also supports text along with creating images on your iPad. You could enjoy using more than one thousand stickers available on the app. The app ensures you can format the text such as colors, fonts, and more using the AJournal app. It would make your journal very personal. 

  • Calendar

You would connect various journals or planners with the chosen calendars on your iPad. It enables the events to be visible easily on daily and weekly planners. You could create new or edit old entries in the digital journal directly. The app allows you to use the Apple pencil for writing or scribbling the events from the calendar. 

  • ATracker

Those looking forward to tracking their goals could make the most of ATracker elements for real-time goal tracking needs. Rest assured, digital planning has been made relatively convenient by the app.

Template Elements

Digital planning has been made simple and easy with fully personalized template elements. 

  • Templates

You could access more than a hundred pre-designed templates to meet your needs. You would enjoy the completely personalized templates suitable for your journal recording requirements. 

  • The Price

The digital journal has been made available to meet your specific budget, and it is available in three pricing options to meet your budget digital planning needs. 

  • Basic Plan

The basic plan is free of charge, and it entails all functions to meet your needs. However, it would come equipped with advertisements and offer limited pages in a day for your journal or planning requirements. 

  • The Most Popular Premium Plan

The premium plan would be available for a monthly payment of $2.99. You could enjoy the AJournal app with all functions, no advertisements, and unlimited pages offered in a day. 

  • The 30{ee25017dbf439c5d8a364370ccc5aa94a15a0d81480a32171a2586c46fdbd226} Saving Premium Plan

You could avail of the digital planning app for a reasonable price of $26.99 yearly. It supports your digital journal creating needs by offering all functions, no advertisements, and unlimited pages provided in a day or for the project. 

  • It Helps You Stay Organized

AJournal would help you stay organized in the best possible way. You could easily navigate various journals by projects, dates, weeks, or months. Finding a journal has been made convenient through a unique search function designed for locating the text entered in the planner. 

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