AkouStand is a cell phone stand for sound amplifying that delivers clearer, richer and more natural sounds.


Blinkks has introduced the AkouStand by BLINKKS Sound Amplifying Cell Phone Stand.  It delivers excellent sound due to its unique mechanically engineered design.  It offers hands-free video calls as well as tangle-free charging cable connection while it is in the vertical mode.  It also gives you hands-free video watching experience in horizontal mode along with the charging cable being connected.  This company is passionate about creating clever, innovative gadgets that are mechanical as well as being free from wired connections, providing freedom to use it any time and anywhere.

Why use AkouStand?

Today’s current world revolves around technology.  Whether you use it for work, advice, entertainment, navigation or learning, technology is used in every aspect of our lives.   This means you can optimize your experience the best you can, both for convenience and enjoyment.  Nothing is so frustrating than having to hold your cell phone in bed while you watch videos, having to constantly pick-up your cell phone while you are watching video tutorials in the middle of a project, or try to let your 2-year-old watch videos without dropping your device.

What AkouStand can do?

This AkouStand by BLINKKS is able to be used to amplify those shallow sounds while staying connected to a charging cable.  It also can be used to watch videos hands-free.  This take on the classic design combines durable ABS and polycarbonate with a modern twist.  You can use the AkouStand in your study, living room, bedroom, kitchen, patio, office, airplane, hotel room, bathroom, and even the gym.  This phone stand can be easy in lifting the phone even when charging cables are connected when you receive a phone call and it is especially great for overnight charging as the sound disbursement will give you a very loud alarm sound in the morning.

Flawless Sound Amplification

As technology continues to improve, so has speakers in most mobile devices.  But, those at BLINKKS have yet to be wowed by the sound quality of any of these devices.   This is one of the reasons that AkouStand was created.  When vertically mounted, the sound from the speaker on the bottom of your smart device will be amplified, producing a clearer, richer, and more natural sound.  The design of the AkouStand distributes sound waves efficiently for a great listening experience.

Hand-free viewing experience

With more and more individuals using their tablets as well as mobile devices to watch TV and videos, there is a demand that is high for tablet stands.  AkouStand is easy to use and allows both horizontal and vertical viewing.  You can watch your shows in either direction, from the comfort of your desk, nightstand, and even your bed.

Other advantages

It also is easy for safe charging and is stylish and sleek looking.  This is using technology to its full advantage.   You can go to kickstarter.com and learn about this new step that technology has taken.

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