The age of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is well and truly underway and the disruption wave continues unabated in businesses. The latest victim is your data management platform and at the heart of this revolution is one of AI’s most powerful applications, machine learning.

Fortunately, it’s not all gloom and applied well, AI and machine learning can help you maximize your data asset and power ahead of the competition.

Let’s look at how machine learning and AI can help you make better sense of your mammoth data resource and the expected fruits:

  • Data Sorting

Big Data is just that: Big and represents a huge opportunity for organizations seeking to become agiler, cost-effective, and top-notch competency.

But to reap big, companies must be willing and have the capacity to successfully deploy and/or scale the required big data platforms.

Why, you ask:

Well, more than ever before, businesses today receive colossal amounts of data and can easily drown under the floor of the information gathered from existing systems daily.

That’s unless a well-established mechanism is in place to help classify data into what’s valuable and what’s garbage.

Machine learning based data systems have powerful algorithms and can sort gazillions of different types of details to improve analytics.

  • Data Integration

There’s a deluge of data for decision makers in many organizations and many are struggling to get strategic insight from the available information.

It’s even a more terrifying challenge when some of the crucial details on customer management systems, supply chain, and manufacturing processes arrive on the leader’s desk fragmented and disjointed.

Machine learning data control systems have an innate ability to understand emails, images, documents, spreadsheets, images, and everything else stored on servers and will first correlate and eliminate fragmentation.

All managers have to do is extract relevant data, derive conclusions, and direct the required action.

  • ImprovedData Access

In the last decade, data storage solution vendors have ventured into automated storage management.

The cheaper solid-state storage technology has subsequently enabled some organizations to shift to “smart” storage systems that rely on machine learning to learn the type of data in high demand and the data types seldom used.

This automation can also be used to store selected data automatically in either fast or slow engines, based on defined business as inserted into existing machine algorithms.

The result is optimized storage and faster access to essential data for operations and decision meaning smoother operations and sound decisions.


The world is creating so much data that organizations are really sweating to keep. Yet, this very data is the fodder on which your business can thrive or fold meaning you need a robust system to help you take charge of data processes, exactly what machine learning does.

From improved data storage processes, succinct analytics, and deep integration, machine learning gives you unique leverage and can make all the difference.

And the benefits cuts all the way from upgraded production systems, streamlined supply chains, and even helping figure out a rousing methodology used for finding new clients.

So, are you ready for an exciting new ride into a machine led world?