German Startup links Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence and plans to revolutionize Neuromorphic Computing Research. The combination of Artificial Neural Networks with Blockchain technology creates a new Research approach.

There are numerous companies that are pioneers in neuromorphic computing and have their focus on artificial intelligence. In doing so, they imitate the neural structures and functions of the human brain and translate them into algorithmic approaches. Topics that are particularly in focus here are, for example, ambiguity and contradictions with which the machines could be confronted.

However, despite the advanced artificial intelligence research, there are still weaknesses. One of the biggest weaknesses is trust in AI, which a Munich startup wants to solve. The company and its team of 7 researchers want to create a neuromorphic computing approach based on blockchain technology. Managing Director Michael Brandt says: “The approach to introduce blockchain technology as a transparency-creating foundation for neuromorphic computing is unique.”The neural networks are implemented in AI systems and enriched by neuromorphic systems. All processes are documented in a blockchain and decisions made by the systems can be analyzed. According to Brandt, blockchain-based neuromorphic computing research will be one of the most important disruptive technologies for the next 20 years.

The Munich startup is aware that neurocomputers are no longer science fiction, even if they have only reached tiny fractions of the capacity of the human brain. Nevertheless, the blockchain-based neuromorphic computing approach is expected to deliver concrete results in the next 1 to 2 years and to use millions of EU subsidies for this research field. In addition, the startup wants to enable financing by investors by issuing its own token called NMP based on a smart contract. This token also wants to enable companies to buy new technologies and find suitable suppliers in a decentralized app that is also planned.

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