Artificial Intelligence is a field that has gained much popularity in the recent past. Essentially, AI is the study of the intelligence that is exhibited by machine and software. AI uses many different tools to statistically analyze data that is obtained and compute results. There are many projects related to AI that one can experiment on.

Here are the top 10 project ideas:

1) Neural Designer:

Developed by Intel NICs, this desktop application uses principles of Artificial Intelligence to recognize unknown patterns and predict any trends from the raw data that is collected. This leads to raw data being transformed into useful information that highlights the complex relationships between the data. The application takes bulk data sets at a given instance and produces its corresponding neural model.

2) The Blue Brain project:

This fascinating project was first introduced in the year 2005. Founded in Switzerland, the ultimate goal of the project was to create a synthetic/virtual brain piece by piece. The synthetic brain thus created would act as an exceptional tool to understand not just the architecture of the human brain but also its functionalities at a fundamental and molecular level. This understanding would, in turn, help gain information about neurological diseases.

3) Artificial Intelligence Logic Electronic Emulation Neural Network:

Also known as A.I.L.E.E.N.N, this project is a Cloud-based platform that operates on the fundamental principles of Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic. One of the major advantages of establishing such a network is that the inputs can be universal in nature. The outputs thus obtained focus on human-like interaction to promote decision making.

4) Vicarious- Recursive Cortical Network:

Simply put, this project is a machine learning software which operates on the fundamental computational principles of the human brain. Thus, the software operates and thinks like a human brain. It uses the RCN (Recursive Cortical Network) that acts as a visual perception system to interpret video and photographs, the way a human mind would into plausible data.

5) Visual Hierarchical Modular Neural Network:

Developed by TinMan systems, this software interprets the flow of human thought into logic, thus producing a system that works on Artificial Intelligence. It is not only an innovative technology but also uses super user-friendly tools and libraries that make it the perfect software choice for commercial applications.

6) Encog:

Encog is a framework that was created to support advanced machine learning algorithms. Thus, algorithms such as Genetic Programming, Artificial Neural Networks, Hidden Markov Models and Support Vector Machines are supported through this Artificial Intelligence Software.

7) Neuroph:

Neuroph was developed with the intentions of creating a neural network framework using concepts from the Object-oriented programming language. Thus, the software can be used to create as well as train different neural networks in Java. It not only provides the user with a Java class library but also GUI tools that are user-friendly.

8) Neu:

Created as a common platform for different artificial intelligence applications, Neu acts as a C++ framework. It has a collection of programming languages which help with modelling and simulation of different systems.

9) HNeT Application Development System:

HNeT is a system that contains different example applications that depend on complex associative memory as well as coherence and decoherence processes. These processes are used to emulate neurological learning. Though it was officially released in 1990, new technological advancements are being made in the field of biometrics and object recognition.

10) Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing:

This is an open source implementation that contains a set of algorithms that help learn about the different functionalities of the layers of neurons present in the neocortex. These functionalities are then studied to determine the capabilities of the human brain.

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