With new powerful technology and a much more intuitive operating system, it is much easier to use. This Apple iPhone iOS 13 helps you keep connected and engaged with the world around you. You can keep up to date with this latest iPhone meaning you are able to capture high-quality videos and photos, play games that are graphic intensive, and keep your information safe with security that is advanced. The Blue Shirts at Best Buy can help you choose the best iPhone for your needs backed with lots of storage space, screen size, and other options.

Dark Mode

This Dark Mode is probably the more popular feature of this new phone. This is a mode allowing you to have a darker image on your phone no matter which features and apps. This can help lessen any strain on your eyes. This is useful for all of those who watch the content or read on their iPhone for longer time periods. Dark Mode will also save the life of the battery on the phone. People really love it.

Getting more

With an ever-growing collection of apps for music, games, productivity, movies, news, entertainment and more, there is no limit to how the iPhone is able to be customized just for you. You will be able to edit videos and photos like a professional right on your device, stay up with social media, track finances, stream podcasts and many other functions. You will be able to use this iPhone to really simplify your life, enrich your time that is free and stay in touch with friends, family and, contacts in the business.

Smart share

This phone finally brings to the market the smart share feature. When you tap to share anything, you will see contact recommendations on the Share Sheet. This will let you be able to share fast with your family and friends using this new feature, as you will not need to go through all your long contact lists.

These are only a few of the many new features this new Apple offers you.

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